The Hardest Part Of Traveling

Is about coming back…

Hardest part about traveling
Sunet in Mexico on my last jetsetter experience. Photo: Storrey Lance

If you’re reading this, then you probably have the travel bug. You probably feel giddy every time you think about immersing yourself in a new culture. I love packing because it means I’m going on an adventure; maybe you feel the same way.

Maybe you try cooking the food you had when you were abroad. Maybe you spend hours researching new locations to travel to and making a top destinations list. Every time someone asks you where you want to travel to next you can rail off three or four or five exciting new locations. When you hop on a plane you get giddy and exhilarated.

Every time you get back from a trip, you are berated with questions about your adventures, but the reality is that no words can even begin to describe how it makes you feel to be exploring a new corner of the world. After a couple days or weeks or months people stop asking about your travels and they stop wanting to hear about Italy, or China or Peru. People stop losing interest in wherever you visited, but you haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Hardest part about traveling
Two-day backpacking trip in my own backyard. Photo: Storrey Lance

The hardest part of traveling is coming back. It’s impossible to describe how it feels to fall in love with a specific part of the world or how empty it feels to return home and leave all of it behind. How can you even begin to describe the wanderlust that fills you when you explore the places you want to visit next?

It often feels like the only way to quench this thirst is by getting back on a plane. This is probably the best way to really feel the rush of exploring a different culture again, but a new environment doesn’t have to be a plan ride away. In order to subside the desire to see the world, it can help to explore your own backyard. Drive a couple hours outside of your city or county and find a new landscape to discover. Look into local events or attractions that you’ve never visited. Even your own home can have wonders that you may have never even considered.

It is hard and emotional to return from being abroad. It’s even harder when no one will talk about it. Other jetsetters will understand how it feels and share your desire for travel. Whether you’re living at home or halfway around the world, you can explore the world and everything it has to offer.

Exploring the a botanical garden in my own city. Photo: Storrey Lance
Storrey Lance


Storrey's passion for travel has never stopped, including studying abroad in Italy. She's a foodie, vegetarian & loves to bake pies.

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