Bangkok Lookbook: When Metropolis Meets Zen

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For some, it’s a love/hate relationship.

People either seem to love or hate Bangkok. As a city girl who thrives in pulsating metropolises, I loved every minute I spent in the Thai capital. Each moment and new experience electrified all of my senses, from tastes, sights, smells, feels and more.

Bangkok is a big city through and through. There’s a never-ending list of exciting venues, restaurants and novelties to experience. You can literally see all of the possibilities laid out in front of you at one of the city’s famous rooftop bars. Some people talk about Bangkok as if it’s a third world country. But I found it to be extremely metropolitan with everything both Westerners and Easterners could ever want and more.

There’s a momentum in Bangkok, as there is in many major cities in Asia at the moment. There’s a sense that things are happening quickly and these new developments will only get more exciting in the very near future.

But Bangkok is also successful at preserving its unrivaled history and culture. Travelers can still go to Old Bangkok and observe Thai history in all its glory in the city’s countless temples, palaces, museums and memorials.

Bangkok was the only place in Thailand, where I felt like I created my own experience. Because Thailand is so touristy and easy for travelers to get around, it can easily feel like everybody is doing the same things and going to the same places. But Bangkok is big enough that you can break away from the beaten path and find more opportunities to engage with the people who live there.

It’s affordable. The people are friendly and outgoing. And it’s an innovative metropolis that never sleeps. What more could you want in an urban travel destination?

Nadia Cho

Communications Associate

Nadia reps Team JST traveling the world in search of exclusive features and online via JST's social media platforms. You can find her exploring metropolitan cities or lounging on tropical beaches.

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