3 Important Lessons That Travelling Has Taught Me

I’ll share the most important lessons learned throughout my travels.

Photo: Beatrice Pitocco

Traveling is not a luxury for some; it is a way of life. Truth of it is, there is a sect of humans that aren’t destined to remain firmly planted where they are. There is a unique group of misfits who respond to the question, “Where do you live?”, with a resounding “No fixed address”. I am one of those humans. Truth is, I didn’t choose to be a traveller, rather, the open road chose me. Never one to stand still, never one to settle, I travelled. I left the comforts of my home, to seek out a new home, albeit, temporary. And I learned something, I learned a lot of things, along the way. I’ll share the most important lessons learned throughout my travels.

  1. Travelling is allegorical.
  2. Strangers are the bestest friends you will meet
  3. The world’s boundaries exist and cease to exist with you.

The first lesson, was one I didn’t quite learn until I was deep into my passion for travelling. We all have our reasons for travel; For better weather, for work, to visit a friend. But the truth of the matter, is that travelling, is an allegory of or a method of escape. Not only to escape where you are, literally and metaphorically in your life, but to escape the confines of you. Every definition of who you are, or who people believe you to be, or who the world has defined you as, becomes subject to question once you are no longer attached to these deep rooted beliefs. Who are you really? Take a trip and discover yourself

The second lesson is one that I’m fond of. If I’m being honest, I’m a bit of a misfit. Never fully fitting into anything really. But throughout my travels, it’s clear, that no one knows who I am; and for as much as I don’t fit into their life, they don’t fit into mine. Which makes us equal, which makes us similar, a perfect start to any friendship. Some of the best, most heartfelt, raw and honest conversations I have had have been with strangers. Where I can throw caution to the wind and be vulnerable without expectation, without fear of judgment.. No obligations to uphold, no expectations. Every memorable stranger I’ve met along the way were like guides, who exited my life, as quickly as they came in, each with a unique perspective, each with a unique story to tell. And they were always eager to listen. I like to wonder about who they are, and lose myself in wonder of who they think I am. It is so interesting to catch people , in their truth. Seeking an escape, in the eyes of a stranger like you.

The third lesson I’ve learned is how insane sanity is. I’ve often wondered who came up with borders and boundaries. When you travel as often as I do, it becomes strange to think that there are invisible man made lines, peripheries that create division. The universe belongs to everyone, borders and limits are only in our minds. Of course, I come from a different sect of humans, who doesn’t understand the natural inclination of exclusion. It seems counter productive to me. At the end, we are all seeking something more. We are all misfits, looking to fit in. We are all searching for a stranger, with warm eyes, to tell our story to. And I suppose, I feel most at home, when I am 30,000 feet in the air.

The second you know where you are, is the second you are lost. The second you are lost, is when when you risk it, at all cost. Who exactly is it, that I’m supposed to be. When will I stop dimming my light, to satisfy someone else’s needs? I never thought I’d find my way, but look now, here I am. From everything that I once knew, away from it I ran. I left the ones who love me, and those who pretended to. To get lost again, alone and then, to find somebody new. And in the end I always seem to find the same old me. Older, changed and wiser, and ever more, so lost yet free. So what if I am lost? I hope that I am never found. I want to fly away with birds, so my feet won’t touch the ground. So what if I can’t find someone who sees what I am worth. I get to roam, alone and free, this great big universe. So what if I can’t change myself. Maybe I like who I’ve become. And when I don’t, I’ll pick back up, and once again get lost. . And now I laugh at all of it, life is just bizarre. The second that you find yourself, you forget who it is you are. Who am I? I’m not so sure, and I’ll likely never know. But unabashedly, I just don’t care, so I’ll blow a kiss, and go.

Article written by BEATRICE PITOCCO, CEO of Brand Street Agency.

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