On Trend: Luxury Loungewear In Bold Hues

Not even the most luxurious special occasion and evening gown brands can resist the urge to put on something more comfortable during trying times.

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Donna Leah Designs recently introduced a new collection of sophisticated loungewear, distinguished by her brand’s hallmark of stunning fabrics, bold colors, and modern fit.

When fashion and function come together, there is truly nothing better. Fashion houses throughout Europe have long been embracing street style which is being taken one step further – into our homes. Now that we are spending more time than ever at home, fashionistas have come to the realization that it’s time to get out of even the most expensive PJs and put on something that looks put together and refined. The new loungewear trend is having a fashion moment that is taking us from movie binges to socially distanced hangout sessions. It is no longer reserved for weekends on the couch.

Although fans of Donna Leah Designs eveningwear collection might be surprised to find a new line of loungewear, the designer says that it’s a natural progression of the brand. Her collections have always focused on exclusive fabrics with a twist, and this new collection is no exception. The secret to Donna Leah’s success is that she designs from her heart, using an emotional ruler to gauge how people will feel in her designs. So, when millions of women are embracing loungewear, it’s time to give it a style upgrade — the Donna Leah Designs way.

Particularly for those that are working from home, the outfits created with loungewear are both comfortable and put together. It is becoming a version of the pandemic power suit and is the ideal choice for the fashion set that is focused on flair and stylish details. According to Donna Leah, “Matching sets are a way to show that you have made an effort. Particularly if you take the time to pop your look with your favorite accessories. Many bracelets and necklaces have pendants that have a special spiritual meaning. It’s a great time to take advantage of those sentiments.”

One thing is certain, comfy clothes with a touch of luxe are here to stay for a while. Donna Leah Designs is embracing several key style elements in the new launch collection:


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Many belonging to the fashionable set have resisted loungewear but are slowing coming around as upscale options proliferate.  t’s time to also think about how to restyle a look that has been known as the ultimate in casual. One specific way to make a statement is with a hoodie. Spotted on the runway from brands including Prada and Dries Van Noten, the hoodie makes a statement like no other. Similar to the capes found in Donna Leah Designs’ eveningwear, the hoodie gives a sense of protection and confidence in uncertain times.

Fabrics & Fit

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Think of loungewear and you can practically feel the soft and easy to wear fabric that loosely hugs your body in your mind. However, ultimately, you must be able to lounge in it! Donna Leah Designs features a hoodie pullover top with self-drawstring. Full, loose fit, where a favorite shell or t-shirt can fit underneath. Leggings feature an elastic waistband and are worn to the ankle. The fabric is made of neoprene scuba that is approximately 1.5 mm thick, with insulated microfibers integrated within the fabric. The fibers are surrounded by a smooth, tightly knit polyester finish.


Donna Leah is known for saying that confidence comes from within and that women should wear what makes them feel powerful. It is no surprise that when the pandemic struck, the trend towards dressing up remained important to many.  People began to realize that not getting dressed was lowering energy levels and dimming the light of our optimism. Loungewear is a way to find comfort in clothing and express how we are feeling right now. Brands, including Donna Leah Designs, understand that quality and luxury can be achieved through thoughtful designs and the right fabrics.


PHOTO Debra Somerville Photography

This season, bright hues in green, pink, and orange are topping the trend list for the brand. On one hand the colors are bold and on the other it can be a way to blur the line between a versatile staple and a nod to a favorite staple. Tops and bottoms are paired as monochromatic look with elements such as jewelry, bags, and other accessories putting the defining touches on one’s personal style.

Nothing says Donna Leah Designs quite as much as a bold and bright color. Think neon pink, orange, green, and silver. The designer embraces colors with no apologies because she believes strongly that color can bring happiness and joy to the wearer.  She believes that color isn’t just reserved for certain occasions and that it makes a powerful statement for her gowns and loungewear. “Now more than ever we need to wear what makes us happy, comfortable and confident.  It’s part of focusing on what works and putting aside what doesn’t.”

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