Wendy’s December Founder’s Note: Lights, Action

It’s a great time to be brilliant, be radiant. Hold your light high.

PHOTO: Wendy Hung

Last night back in Paris, I was having midnight wine next door with my friends. December is a great time to reflect upon what we’ve accomplished in the new year, what we hope to achieve in the next twelve months. I threw the unoriginal question out to my two guy friends who sincerely answered in honesty.

One of them said, “I want to still be here. I don’t know…I’ve been having this strange feeling that I won’t…something about impact in a car, on a plane…it’s so strange. I don’t know…”

Shocked by his answer, we delve into his bizarre sixth sense. I didn’t know what else I could say.

My other friend revealed a less morbid response. His professional goals, mainly. “What about you?” They both echoed, “What do you want for next year?”

I knew exactly what I wanted. I’m 36, I want to start taking care of my physical being. “I want to start going to the gym!” An unoriginal answer matching an unoriginal question. Facing two dissatisfied faces, I continued with my work goals. “What about your personal life?” they were digging for more.

“Well, that’s not up to me is it?” I said in nonchalance. “I tried to control who, what, where I would meet someone this year, and I now understand, it just doesn’t work that way. So I just want to focus on myself. Stay zen, sustain happiness within myself, and enjoy every moment with the people I truly love.”

The thing is, I worked hard this year. Really damn hard on how I can be better. Every single morning of this year, I’ve woken up asking myself: How can I be better today than I was yesterday?

Cliché? Maybe. But back in March, I ended the Swiss Alps trips in tears, wondering why I couldn’t like the perfectly nice guys who like me. I showed up at work distracted because the one guy I liked would never text me back. I hurt my girlfriends. I consoled in family love whose outpour of unconditional support inspired me to be my own therapist. So when I asked how I could be better everyday, it was fully committed followed by conscientious actions.

The point is: I rediscovered my light. My purpose. What I am here for.

I always knew before. This platform was conceived under the notion that I – and all of us – can define a sense of self through exploration and authentic experiences. Jetset Times was and always is IT for me. My light. My action.

By next week, I’ll have traveled to four countries in one month: Taiwan, Hungary, France and Thailand. And in these cities, what I’ve worked so hard to understand is that my so-called light shines beyond my work on Jetset Times. It is in positive rhetoric, in energetic charisma, in the smiles for strangers regardless of which city I’ve just landed in, and in the quiet listening sessions saved for those I love or have serendipitously crossed paths with and needing a pair of understanding ears. Most importantly, my light is in my heart which I’ve had to learn to stop wearing on my sleeves. A hard lesson to master this year, one that I suspect will need further mastering for years to come.

It’s December. Thank you for keeping Jetset Times – my light – afire. It’s a great time to be brilliant, be radiant. Happy holidays. May you, too, hold your light high.


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CEO/Founder, Jetset Times

Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and St. Bart's because they were all so different!

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