Wendy’s April Founder’s Note: The CEO Of Your Life

I raise my glass of rosé to yours, it’s okay to be the oddity.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
Copenhagen, Denmark. PHOTO Alex Baker-Brown

First, let me just say, as I write this, I’m uncertain of how many women can solidly relate. Because this is rooted in the concept of oddity. The truth of a mid-thirty-something woman scrolling through her social media feeds, realizing that all of her single friends have moved in with their boyfriends or have suddenly gotten engaged, married or pregnant; doesn’t happen to many. 

Let’s face it, there aren’t many of us left. Or are there? Maybe that’s why I’m eagerly sharing. Hoping someone will shout: YES, I’M WITH YOU GIRL!!!

By end of March this year, I had already been to six countries. It’s astounding when I catch up with any friend or relative, instead of asking how my trip was, what did I love about it…etc. I’m confronted with, “did you meet anyone there?” By the way, this comes within the first five minutes of most conversations. As if meeting someone in a foreign land is what validates the thrill of my travels, or that my experience alone in a city is not deemed as valuable if I didn’t meet a gorgeous, successful man abroad. Sometimes even before the trip starts, this is what I get, “I hear the men in X country are beautiful.” That’s my favorite, eeek!

Oh, I wish I was that girl! The one who has a different boyfriend in every city, or someone who can mix work and pleasure. Because when your job is traveling, interviewing hoteliers and chefs left and right, I wish I was that girl who could have a lot more fun with that. A LOT more fun. Society would find my life wildly interesting, and I would live on with epic stories to tell!

But I’m not. I’ve never been that girl who falls in love abroad. I’m too paranoid of catching weird diseases or I’m simply not enough of a helpless dreamer for that. When I travel, I LOVE the time I have alone in a city. Walking, exploring, interacting with locals. I love the silence, the ability to enjoy moments of observation without sharing candid details with someone else. These precious moments remain in the secret garden of my memories. When they’re ready to be shared, I will know.

Society, however, doesn’t think so. It’s funny how eager society is for me to actually meet someone abroad or on the plane than I am. Each time as I ramble on and on about how deeply in love I am with a city, or maybe I could trade in Copenhagen for Paris (except the brutal winters); I can tell from the subtle look of empathy from across the table, society wishes I was talking about a man, rather than landscapes and cultures.

It seems that today’s “modern women” has been commonly defined by equal opportunities to rise, living self-determined lives. Women who put their unique individualities first and have found fulfilling partnerships by their mid-thirties. So what happens to the rest of us who have yet to encounter a better half?

What I’ve finally arrive to, this year, is that you define your own world by making the best of it. Cry? Nope. Sulk? Nope. Whine? That’s just petty. It’s easy to see the things you don’t have when you live a beautiful, amazing life. To be the CEO of your life is to live in the moment, consciously.

The reality is, today’s modern woman comes in many shapes, cultures, races, ages…etc. It can be a woman who lives with her boyfriend but never wants to get married. It can be a woman who wants to have children but never marry. It can be a woman like me, who wants all those “traditional” things but life keeps throwing you different punches. Or, better yet, men who just don’t fit. So I refuse to settle (it took me a long time to be okay with it,) and keep carrying on. As they say.

Many young women often approach me and say, “you live the best life! I want your life.” My reply has always been, this isn’t an easy one. It’s not easy always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. It’s not easy being judged for choosing to live your truth, according to your own standards. As much as I travel, I often sit and identify the things that can offer my journey to peace and happiness. Literally, I’m still and I think: what is going to make me happy right now? Waking up to my own cup of hot coffee, Netflix and chill on a Friday night when everyone else has plans, I caress the cat until he falls asleep, I call my family to know that they’re safe and knowing that I’m loved, I work endlessly, and I sit alone at a popular cafe in Paris with a glass of rosé to write this piece.

Let me be clear, there are still many nights with too much wine, waking up with your makeup on, realizing that you’re…all…alone. But it’s the next morning that counts. Finding courage from within to stand up and figure out what’s going to make you happy and most importantly, fulfilled.

If I’m not going to be married until WAY later in life, then it gives me more time to focus on this beautiful platform that only existed in my head a few years ago. And it gives me more time to explore the world, in exactly the manner that I know how. For all the girls out there, it’s okay to be the oddity, because I am right there along beside you. For all the mothers and fathers out there who have expectation for your daughters, they have me. The traditional is great, but a life of authenticity is one to live in history books. Family history books, that is. Imagine: you can always retell that story of a woman warrior in your tree who has fought against the odds and rose above.

Life may not have panned out exactly the way I imagined it as a young girl, but I click my heels and continue to make the best of it. In the best way that I know how. From my glass of rosé to yours, here’s to the CEO of your own destiny – wherever the world may take you.


CEO/Founder, Jetset Times

Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and St. Bart's because they were all so different!

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