From Degree Jungle: Travel Suggestion For Student Globetrotters On Budgets

Folks at Degree Jungle thought it would be nice to offer students some insight on low-cost travel approaches and on taking inexpensive vacations.

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Exploring New York City, London, Paris and other parts of the planet can be wonderful and cultivating experiences, but these getaways usually never come cheap.

Budgets are the single factor that unifies all student globetrotters, simply because, when folks over-spend, they can easily wind up with a ton of stress and a bunch of bills to pay when they return home!

Having been there, and done that, the folks at Degree Jungle thought it would be nice to offer students some insight on low-cost travel approaches and on taking inexpensive vacations.

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Setting up Transportation Expenses

The physical act of traveling, going from one location to another, usually sets people back the most.

Acquiring a student ID card like the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) or booking air fares at student discount-brokers like STA assists in reducing air/train/bus fare costs. For as little as twenty-five bucks a year, individuals can easily discover savings and discounts throughout the world with their ID card, which pays for itself over time.

Along with student ID cards, AMTRAK and Eurail passes can definitely lower traveling costs, if folks are exploring numerous locations across the United States or Europe. These passes grant people the flexibility of touring the countries any time they wish, with no need to book reservations.

Searching for discount-fares on the Internet at websites like Kayak and Orbitz is also an excellent strategy. Travel tickets and promos can change in a flash, and discount-travel guidelines and refunds vary among service providers. Aside from that, bus and train passages are vulnerable to all kinds promotions and special deals every day.


Discovering discount hotel rooms or clean student youth hostels in big metropolitan areas like London or Paris is hopeless, right?

Not really! Mark down accommodations their super promotions appear on the Internet everyday. Websites like and Trivago are just a couple of the numerous resources where student globetrotters can discover terrific accommodations without paying an arm and a leg.

One of the most-crucial actions that folks must always remember to do is to book reservations ahead of time. There is absolutely nothing more irritating than showing up in a major city and discovering all the cheap rooms are all booked up. What’s even worse is when folks are compelled to shell out taxicab fare and waste valuable vacation time driving around town searching for last-minute accommodations that fall with within their budgets.

Youth Hostels

Budget vacationers really should think about staying at hostels prior to checking out hotel-motel alternatives.

Hostels are basically affordable and decent, overnight rooms for students of any age. Like hotels and motels, youth hostels offer tired travelers well-kept facilities to unwind, freshen up, dine, and sleep. In contrast to more pricey accommodations, youth hostels do stress the importance of folks getting to know and chatting with other guests who might wind up sharing a room with them.

Traditional hostels contain independent bathrooms and living quarters for males and females in addition to common cooking areas, eating areas and living rooms. Hostel properties can be wooden cottages, farmhouses or even urban-area high-rises.

Taking in the Sights 

Cash can instantly vanish after shelling out entrance fees while exploring monuments, fine-art exhibits and museums.

Certainly, students should absorb as much savoir-faire as they can throughout their travels, but it is essential to draw a line and decide which tourist attractions most interest them.

Folks should ask themselves questions like, “Is it really worth spending twenty-five bucks to see Picasso’s unseen art collection?” Maybe the cash would be better wasted on a walking tour through Central Park. People should spend their money on the attractions that they definitely wish to see and participate in. Not everyone is obligated to check out every grubby, half-empty downtown exhibit.

One more excellent suggestion for students on sightseeing budgets is to try to find modest art galleries, museums and historic attractions–the ones hiding in backstreet alleys or the ones with on-property managers who have to unlock the door to let people in. These venues usually are very intriguing and most of the time, free of charge.

Eating and Drinking

Travel books do exceptionally well in mapping out excellent and affordable neighborhood bars and eateries.

Well-known reference books like Frommer’s or Fodor’s tell people just how much that Mai Tai is going to cost them or if there is a deli nearby or open late-night. Finding out exactly where the locals wine-and-dine also helps globetrotters on a budget get a sense of a neighborhood’s culture, and it helps them find dining establishments far from overpriced tourist spots.

Guidebooks are fantastic, but budget-vacationers really should not only frequent the places suggested in their travel books. They should also consult with the locals and with employee working at wherever they are staying. Folks ought to seek out those shabby neighborhood eateries, the ones with old pictures on the wall or the fairly crowded, noisy or poorly-lit establishments; these restaurants are where they will discover the really inexpensive (and often times) terrific food.

Another budget must is to STEER CLEAR OF DINING IN TOURIST LOCATIONS, where prices are substantially overpriced. An espresso and a sandwich in London’s Piccadilly Square can cost more than a low-cost meal elsewhere in the city.

Lastly, try not to lounge in coffee shops or pubs, observing the world passing by. The final tab in these spots can put a hole in people’s wallet. It actually is a lot less expensive to find an urban park, city plaza or nice place by the lake where folks can relax all day and drink a Coke or a Starbucks cappuccino. 

Pack Wisely

Luggage fees are awful, even more so when people don’t expecting them.

Students must organize their wardrobes in advance, and ideally, pack just carry-ons to stay clear of luggage fees. If folks travel with large suitcases–or wish to bring home tons of gifts–think about taking domestic flights, booking inexpensive air travel with companies like Southwest that permits two complimentary checked pieces of luggage or JetBlue that allows just one.

Travel with Buddies

Taking group vacations means dividing costs, ranging from lodging–to taxicabs–to meals.

Even though a traveler’s greatest expenditure will most likely be their air travel, folks have the opportunity to economize big by sharing with vacations with their colleagues. Also, people will feel notably more secure in remote locations with their pals by their side.

Article written by Degree Jungle.

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