6 Best Destinations For Students On A Budget

Being a student means enjoying your youth and living it to its fullest. One of the best ways to make your life as colorful as possible is traveling. It provides you with a wide range of possibilities and places where you can go. Traveling has a lot of advantages and can make you happier in many different ways.

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Benefits of Traveling


Visiting new countries and even exploring your native one is a great chance to expand your mindset through such activities:

  • talking to locals and discovering the way they think;
  • observing traditions and customs;
  • comparing cultural peculiarities;
  • finding out facts about the country’s history;
  • sightseeing;
  • learning new languages. 

But all these opportunities are only available if you have enough spare time and resources. Nowadays, students are overwhelmed with large amounts of homework. Luckily, there is a simple way to study better with essay writing service EssayPro, which can make the process easier. With the help of professionals, you can get prompt assistance and save your time to be able to travel more.


Traveling can be very important in revealing your inner self and gaining a lot of positive qualities. You can observe how you feel while being far away from home and outside of your comfort zone. In addition, you can learn how to adjust to different situations under extreme circumstances. 

You will also realize that all the people are nothing but grains of sand in this big world. In some ways, it will help you calm down and teach you how not to make mountains out of molehills. 

After all, traveling means that you will have an ideal chance to meet and talk to people of different nationalities. As we know, today’s world is a battlefield where everyone is fighting against racism and intolerance. During the trip, you will learn how to appreciate and accept the differences between people and get rid of all prejudices.

Getting Unforgettable Experience

Starting a journey can be a chance to create new memories and express fascinating emotions. Don’t feel like going somewhere? With modern technology, you can travel around the world even without leaving your home. By traveling, you fill the photo album of your life with pictures of amazing landscapes or exciting and unexpected events, and you cherish these moments.

But what about students who are on a budget? It is true that studying takes a lot of time and can require some financial investments. That’s why it might be a problem for some students to go on vacation and have a good time. Yet, there are a lot of cheap and great places to go if you can’t afford a luxury holiday. Let’s dive in!


Hungary, in general, is not the cheapest country to visit, but you can easily go to Budapest without spending a lot of money. Before traveling there, you can plan ahead what interesting places you want to visit. For example, you can go to Heroes’ Square, which is a very well-known spot for taking photos.

Besides, Budapest provides you with the opportunity to hike. There are exciting places where you can go, such as Buda Hills, Gellért Hill, Castle Hill, and Nagy-Kopasz Hill (the highest point of the Buda Hills). If you don’t fancy walking that much, you can go around the city using very cheap and reliable public transport. 


Monkey Island is considered a fascinating place to go in Cambodia. This island is a great chance for you to enjoy sunny beaches with white sand and calm, turquoise waters. It is also known for its cheap but very cozy bungalows and delicious food.

Angkor Wat is one of the biggest temples in the world, and you will be blown away by the beauty of this place. Besides, it’s a great opportunity for photographers and artists to find inspiration, and who knows, maybe the next masterpiece will be created right there.


Despite the language barrier, Ukraine tends to be the most affordable country to visit. The main reason is the devalued currency. At the beginning of 2022, 1 USD is equal to 27,50

UAH. This country is also known for its endless landscapes, marvelous nature, and great history. 

Speaking about local cuisine, the first thing that you need to try is the Ukrainian national dish – borsh with pampushka and leek. If you are more interested in sightseeing, you can go to Kyiv and visit cool and budget-friendly places of interest such as St. Sophia’s Cathedral, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Independence Square, and Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery.

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If you are into Asian culture, you can use the chance to embrace it by traveling to the cheapest destination in that region – Vietnam. When speaking about this country, the first thing that comes to mind is street food. Imagine eating soup with rice noodles, called Pho, broth, and a whole plate of whatever meat you want just for 2 USD. 

One of the most interesting cities to go to is Ho Chi Minh City, where you can enjoy various historical and cultural sights. You can go to Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office, which are considered to be the most touristic places as they are free of charge. And the coolest thing is that you can spectate free performances in front of Ho Chi Minh Opera House.


One of the biggest advantages of going to Georgia is that you don’t need a visa and can even stay there for one year. Wondering about where to go in particular? Among all the beautiful cities, you can choose the charming capital of this country – Tbilisi. There are several activities you can do there if you are on a budget:

  • take a sulfur bath;
  • try street food;
  • discover Jvari Monastery and Mtskheta;
  • visit the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral;
  • cross the Bridge of Peace;
  • go to Old Town on foot.

Also, you will have an opportunity to climb the mountains and take cool pictures on the highest point. A nice addition is the ability to visit different museums and historical sites for less than 2 USD.


Looking for unexpected adventures? This country can offer you so many things to do, starting from exploring nature to discovering all the marvels about Mayan culture. Going to the jungle is the best way to connect with wild nature and its inhabitants. Just imagine napping in a hut while listening to the sounds of animals or spectating stars. 

But the best free features are cenotes. There are around 1 billion cenotes in Mexico, and each has its own highlight. For example, in Gran cenote, you can swim with a ton of turtles. Right in the center of Suytun, there is a platform almost completely under the water. 

Student life is always full of stress and tons of work, but don’t forget that you also need to relax and have a break from it. Thus, traveling is the best way to get rid of daily routine and reduce stress. We hope this article was useful for you. Even a small budget shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your life. 

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