Your Packing Strugglefest Is Officially Over

The surest way to get your heart driven into excitement overload before a trip is through packing.

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When embarking on a travel adventure, often the lead up to the departure date is just as exciting as the trip itself. The lead up is a suspense filled voyage of its own, comprised of planning, booking, intense research sessions and butterflies in your stomach. The surest way to get your heart driven into excitement overload before a trip is through packing. And with every packing experience, comes the struggles.

Whilst some people pack weeks in advance, others crave the adrenaline that accompanies packing the night before. Packing in advance saves stress and permits you to make last minute dashes to buy what you have forgotten. But call it procrastination or poor time management; I am an adrenaline packer. Leaving packing to the last minute gets the blood pumping and will surely stir some excitement for the trip that awaits.

Separation anxiety is a real issue, especially when you must choose what items to leave behind. Can I really not pack my entire closet? I promise I will wear everything!

Packing for the destination can be tough. Heading to the snow but just bought a super cute bikini? May have to save it for the next holiday in the sun. Or just ensure you book a hotel with a hot tub. Arrive in Mexico and find you have no use for your “homies” beanie? Should have ditched it. i've made a huge mistake

When packing, maximizing space is a must. Folding sometimes is not the best option. I have found that rolling each item of clothing allows more room, and therefore more clothes to be packed. Winner!

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The days leading up to the departure are hard. Being in public requires clothing, however all your cute outfits are waiting to be packed! Stains and marks appearing on your clothes is a major risk not to be taken lightly. Either retreat into hibernation for the few days before leaving, or be prepared to wear last season’s clothing trends when exiting your front door.

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Two words: weight restrictions. Also known as a cruel torture method implemented on travelers worldwide. It will result in you wearing half your wardrobe onto the airplane, taking an hour to de-robe at security and struggling to sit comfortably for the duration of the flight. There is no greater failure than having to unpack your suitcase at the check in counter, whilst other travelers in line hope they won’t have to go through the same torment. nope not doing that

If you’re a self proclaimed “Bad Luck Brian,” be sure to pack an extra outfit in your carry on, along with travel essentials such as medication, identification and your Game of Thrones novels. There is no worse feeling than waiting at the baggage carousel for your suitcase, and realizing your bag is nowhere to be seen. While it may take a few days for your luggage to resurface, make sure you have travel insurance like my friend, who lost her luggage in Greece and was given spending money to replace it. Silver lining.

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Whilst there are some things you may just have to accept leaving behind, there will always be those few things you forget to pack all together. So while packing is a struggle and simultaneously filled with nerves and excitement, let’s be honest; you’ll probably end up starting from scratch in your destination and buy another suitcase to fit all your new belongings.

Bon voyage!

Article written by Carly Brand.

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