Who & How To Contact During A Yacht Cruise?

Your first yacht charter is certainly a big adventure with lots of emotions, excitement and curiosity.


In the heat of it all, it’s easy to get lost in some stages of the whole charter procedure. This is especially true in case of taking over the yacht from the operator in your starting marina. What is worth remembering and what can make the whole charter experience so easy? The YACHTIC.com crew has prepared some useful tips for you!

Communication with the operator

During your first yacht charter it’s worth remembering to communicate effectively and openly with the operator himself, especially when talking about foreign waters. Dialogue with him will not only help us to gain a lot of valuable information, but most of all save a lot of time. After all, it’s usually the operator who knows the yacht we’re going to be sailing on best, but also the surroundings, attractions and issues that we should remember about. So it wouldn’t hurt to ask about everything to know it from a reliable and proven source. Good contact with the operator is also important because it is he who will help us and provide support in potential emergency or problematic situations. It may also happen that during arrival to the operator’s base where you may have to wait a while to take over the yacht because of the many charterers, so it’s worthwhile to have a little patience.

Contact during the cruise

When an unexpected situation occurs after leaving the marina, or when we simply need to get some information about certain aspects, we can always contact the operator by phone. The contact number can be found in the yacht’s documents – the operator is at our disposal. However, it is important to remember that this does not mean that he is all-knowing and sometimes it is difficult for him to answer precisely every question, such as “where on the yacht is the fuse from the anchor lift?”. Nevertheless, a good operator will always provide us with useful information or help with solving a problem.

Listen to the operator

We know that, although in theory everything seems very easy, in practice it can be different. That’s why we decided to prepare an interview with Odisey Yachting’s operator base manager! Ana, who works with yacht charter clients on a daily basis, will tell you about various issues related to the acquisition of a yacht and share her helpful tips! We invite you to watch the movie on our channel.

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