Who Can Apply For Canada’s Digital Nomad Visa?

If you are a remote worker outside Canada, and you meet the visa requirements, you can live in Canada for up to six months.

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The visa was introduced in June last year, but since then, further clarification has been released regarding remote workers and what the qualifying requirements are. If you want to apply for the digital nomad visa, then you will need to be employed by a company outside of Canada. You also need to be able to work from any location. During your stay, you need to have enough funds to sustain yourself, as well as any dependents. Additionally, you’ll need to satisfy criminal background investigations, and any requirements related to health and security.

Careers for Digital Nomads

Some of the careers that would warrant travel under the digital nomad visa include social media managers, virtual assistants and content writers. Website designers, graphic designers and even game developers can also take advantage of the digital visa. With the online gaming market in Canada set to reach US$362.80m, developers are in high demand. Some of the biggest drivers of the market would be casino games such as slots. Slots Canada developers are continually releasing new titles to keep up with market demand, ensuring that there is always a steady stream of content for avid gamers. With digital positions on the rise, it’s not surprising to see the digital nomad visa being so popular, and other countries have begun to adopt their version of it. Some of them include Anguilla, Costa Rica, Germany, Iceland and Mexico.

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The Tech Talent Strategy

In an attempt to attract foreign workers across various fields, Canada developed the Tech Talent Strategy. This comprised six immigration strategies. The nomad visa aims to support efforts such as this. Even though the visa doesn’t have any prerequisites in terms of education or work experience, the Canadian government has emphasised that they want to recruit highly qualified individuals. They are putting a strong focus on IT professionals as well as entrepreneurs. The digital nomad visa was introduced in an attempt to address the shortfall in labour for key tech-related positions. The maximum amount of time you can stay on the visa would be six months, and when you apply, you will have your fingerprints taken as well as give evidence of your employment. You will also need to provide a photograph, with an interview with an immigration official. Demonstrating financial evidence, property ownership and even family ties is a crucial aspect of the application process.

If you can prove this, and if you have the money required to last during your stay then you should have no issue in applying for the digital nomad visa. When you have all of your documents in order, you can then submit them through the official government site. You may need to pay an application fee, which includes processing. After this, you can then track your application and update or upload any additional information that may be required. All of these requests will be sent to you through the online portal.

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