What To Consider When Choosing A Hotel In Las Vegas

Picking the perfect hotel in Sin City is more challenging than you may think. You need to consider your likes and dislikes.

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Is it family-friendly? Do you want to party, or do you want to explore? If you need help deciding, here are a few key factors to consider before making your final choice.


Cost is always essential when answering where to stay in Las Vegas — luckily, some hotels suit almost any budget, but some places are better than the rest.

To make this easier, list everything you want to do and budget for that. Opt for something more affordable if you will just be sleeping at your hotel. If you want to enjoy all the entertainment a hotel offers and you won’t be exploring much, opt for something higher on the scale. If you are going to spend most of your time at the hotel, you don’t want it to be a place you’re constantly trying to get out of.


Location can be critical to some travelers; the last thing you want to do is spend multiple hours walking up and down the strip just to get to all the places you want to visit.

Speaking of The Strip, many first-time visitors may need to realize just how long it is.

At just over four miles long from one end to the other, you can easily find yourself walking or traveling miles every day if you choose the wrong spot.


While neither taxis nor buses are expensive for short distances, the cost will quickly increase if you use them regularly, especially if you travel more than a few miles. While walking is also an option for short journeys, you should consider hiring a car.

If you plan on just staying within the confines of the Strip, a car isn’t necessary, but it is the best option to explore Las Vegas and the wilds of Nevada.

On-Site Entertainment/Activities

Everybody knows Las Vegas is the world’s entertainment capital, with almost every hotel having a casino, pool, regular parties, and live shows. However, just because it is there doesn’t mean you will enjoy it.

Take into consideration what the hotel offers and who it appeals to. For example, if you are traveling with your family, you may not want to stay somewhere with a casino and bars.

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What Do You Need the Hotel To Do?

This may sound obvious, but it is still important to note. Besides sleeping and a few meals, you need to consider what else you want your hotel to do for you. Do you want a world-class casino, or do you want a more family-orientated hotel?

Not all hotels are built the same; therefore, you must research what you will and won’t have access to and how this will change your stay. The food options and room sizes are two more things to remember.

Many hotels have a vast selection of great rooms for couples or families. If you’re visiting as a group, rooms can be adapted to ensure you don’t have to purchase multiple rooms so your whole party is under one roof.

As for the food, most of the hotels have spectacular restaurants nearby. Even if none are to your taste, the hotel restaurants and buffets are worth considering.

Downtown vs. the Strip

Another aspect to be aware of is the vast difference in experiences between staying on the Strip and in downtown Las Vegas. What the Strip offers is world-famous: bright lights, huge hotels and casinos, live shows, and parties. The caveat is that the Strip is substantially busier and more expensive.

On the other hand, downtown Las Vegas may not have the same glitz and glam, but it is somewhat quieter and much better suited to those who don’t just want to experience the party and casino side of Vegas.

Loyalty Programs

One thing to not look over, especially if you plan to return to Vegas, is loyalty programs. Vegas hotels are famed for their loyalty programs and the perks and benefits they offer to repeat guests.

These perks range from free room upgrades to high-stake poker or blackjack table seats. You can also sometimes enjoy complimentary tickets to shows or live events, meal vouchers, and more.

Because of this, research the different benefits each hotel provides, as they can save you money on your next visit and often allow you to enjoy a far more luxurious experience.

Length of Your Stay

Finally, the length of your stay should also be considered. If you are going for a weekend away with friends, many extra amenities at a hotel won’t matter because you won’t have enough time to use them all.

On the other hand, if you are going for a week or two, you want to have multiple entertainment or relaxation options. Consider the hotel like a cruise ship; if you spend ten days at sea, a boat with barely anything to do onboard is far less appealing than one with everything from a spa to a theatre and everything in between.

This consideration can also help you save money, as you won’t feel the need to book a room in a hotel that has a ton of extras that you might not use, let alone need.

Hotel in Las Vegas
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Sin City Awaits

Choosing a hotel in Las Vegas doesn’t need to be stressful when you know what you want and are looking for. Hopefully, these tips will lead you to an unforgettable Vegas getaway.

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