Using Facebook For Your Tourism Business

With almost 3 billion monthly active users, you can find most of your audience on Facebook for your tourism business and even reach a wider audience through it. In addition to earning more Facebook likes and followers, it’s essential that your audience engages with your content to boost brand awareness.

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Using Facebook for your tourism business is most like how you would use it for any kind of business. However, they are key factors that you should keep in mind to better attract your targeted audience to your page among so many other businesses on Facebook.

Therefore, we’ll be sharing top tips with you in this article on how to use Facebook for your tourism business.

Take Advantage of the Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads ensure that you are only spending your money on what will drive results, so you know how cost-effective they can be without making you run out of your budget.

Facebook Ads use Ad Targeting that lets you narrow down your audience and target a certain group of people based on their age, gender, behaviors, language, interests, and even location.

Whether your tourism business revolves around honeymooners, solo travelers, families, road trippers, or business travelers, you can leverage Facebook Ads and let it do the magic to help you capture the attention of the right audience.

Use the CTA Button

On the right side of the Facebook page (just below the cover photo), you will see a blue-colored CTA button. Make sure you enter the text “book now” for your CTA button with a URL that you want your potential customers to redirect to.

For instance, that could be a special offer, booking for an upcoming tour, or simply a booking form for any tourists. This way, when an interested audience checks out your Facebook page, this CTA button will steer their direction, and you will hopefully see a rise in bookings and revenue!

Show Reviews on Your Facebook Page

Make sure you allow your customers to leave reviews on your Facebook page. This will serve as social proof for prospective customers who may be interested in availing of your services but may be a little hesitant.

Always make sure to request your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page, as this will help you grow as a tourism business owner. You can also create an image for one of your customer’s testimonials and post it on your Facebook feed to attract the attention of others.

Request Your Customers for Check-Ins

When people check into a location on their account, this automatically gets shared with their friends and followers. This is a great way to boost brand awareness. You should always ask your customers to check in to the location they are at while tagging your page.

Most people won’t do it, so you can even offer a small discount to whoever checks in and tags your Facebook page.

Using Facebook for your tourism business can significantly help you with revenue and brand awareness. Leveraging the massive Facebook user base, you can implement strategies we shared in this article to quickly grow your tourism business and profit margins.


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