Travelling Can Be Truly Life-Changing 

Do you dream of going on a big trip? Imagine it as an endless vacation and a life-changing adventure? Then you should read this article.

Travelling Can Be Truly Life-Changing 
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The dream of a long journey sits waiting to happen in the minds of many. Often life on the road is presented as an endless wonderful vacation. Yes, traveling is indeed life-changing, but not all transformations are necessarily positive, and some things are not a bad idea to mentally prepare for even before you leave.

This article is not an exhaustive guide or an ultimatum list relevant to everyone. It will be closest to those who are planning a gap year or a long adventure without regular work. Digital nomads may experience other challenges on the road, where social ties grow stronger and regular employment provides a firm footing. No one can say in advance what challenges will be encountered and how to tackle them properly.

Until you try, you won’t know.

Social ties and isolation

Family and friends stay home. Meeting New Year’s Eve on Skype? Cool only at the idea level. Calling each other every week? Uh-huh, sure. The new reality: missing your parents’ wedding anniversary and the births of your friends’ children. You’re not there to support loved ones in times of need or rejoice in their accomplishments.

It is not only physical distances that are increasing. The simple Confucian “Happiness is being understood” will gradually dissolve into the experience of traveling. It’s hard to reach a mutual understanding when you say, “I’m tired of traveling,” and the person on the other end of the wireless connection wants to drop everything and go anywhere.

New friends appear as quickly as they disappear. You can become best friends for a few days, even weeks, but the end is a foregone conclusion. Exchanging a couple messages after a breakup and never seeing each other again is how most encounters along the way end.

Love walks off into the sunset at the speed of the sunset. Love will drop in unintentionally and everything will be great, except you’re just passing through. It’s great if plans coincide or someone can change theirs, but it will end sooner rather than later. There are pluses: the routine won’t have time to get boring, and the list of accumulated resentments and unspoken words will overflow.

The same face is around day after day. A constant traveling companion or several is awesome. Support, security, fun, but even your best friend or trusted partner can get bored. Same ideas, same way of thinking, same face, except a little tanner. If that said, if you can’t sit down and have a conversation, dim the lights.

A couple ways to keep yourself and your friends on the road

Remind loved ones that you value them. You can send cards, write short greetings from places you find yourself, share funny pictures that only friends will understand. You can also play some video games when resting, like Aristocrat pokies or any other you like.

  • Stop worrying and take the opportunity to explore not only the world, but yourself. Strong social ties will not break, even if you wind circles around the planet.
  • Agree with fellow travelers on shore: mark boundaries, common and divergent interests, determine the admissibility of personal time and space.
  • Enjoy new encounters here and now. Tomorrow will be a different life.

Personal development and fatigue

Social progress will slow down. While friends will realize cool projects, start businesses, start families, and win competitions, feelings of falling behind can be waiting behind every open social media account.

The lack of work begins to feel overwhelming. If you’re used to working hard, constantly producing something and getting paid for it, months without work or with irregular freelancing can be depressing. At first though, the euphoria of freelancing will overwhelm you.

Relaxation ties your hands. Startup enthusiasm brimming with ideas to learn a new language on the road, master a musical instrument and do a million other things? There’s every chance of finding yourself a few months later still in the same place.

Miracles cease to amaze. Just another mountain range, a sunset, a lake, a city, an encounter you remember for exactly two days. That’s how the brain works when the amazing happens all the time.

The comfort zone has to be created anew every time. You have to fight for comfort every day, even in prosperous regions. Psychological and physical comfort is necessary in order not to burn out after a month of traveling. It is not necessarily about calmness, for everyone comfort is expressed differently.

The question “Isn’t it time to go home?” comes up. Just as one can get tired doing what they love to do, one can get tired of traveling. It’s not always the adventure itself that weighs you down, more often it’s the accompanying things: the feeling of isolation, constant traveling, strange hostels, uncomfortable climate, and more.

A few tricks to make traveling contribute to personal development

Come up with an activity: find a remote job with a suitable work schedule, or turn a hobby into a project with a tangible outcome that is satisfying. Musicians can record songs with bands from different countries, artists can create travel sketchbooks.

  • Put yourself in conditions where not doing what you have planned will not work. Go to a region where only the language you want to learn is spoken. Or make a promise that is impossible not to keep.
  • If you want to, allow yourself to just relax – go on a six-month vacation, in which progress and will not care at all.
  • Work on self-discipline – make to-do lists and plan the day, but also do not berate yourself for laziness and unachieved goals.

About the author: Grace Tennet is a tech expert with a passion for travelling and exploring different sides of life. She also enjoys exploring the virtual worlds of e-games and discovering new ways in which they can enhance cognitive skills. She hopes to continue spreading awareness about the positive effects of e-gaming and encouraging individuals to tap into their creativity through this popular form of entertainment.

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