Travel Hack: Make Your Flight Experience Comfy

Traveling can be brutal on your body, skin, and sleep cycle.

travel hack

I love going on any trip, just about anywhere. The only thing that I don’t love about traveling is how brutal it can be on my body, especially when I fly. Anyone that’s been on a flight, let alone a long one, knows that traveling can be brutal on your body, skin, and sleep cycle. All of these things affect your health and your first day in your arrival destination. The last think I want is dry skin and hair, with bags under my eyes when I’m ready to explore. Check out my travel hack for what I do to stay comfy on the flight.

Personally, my feet and legs get very swollen from lack of circulation on long flights. One of the things that I do to help with that is walking on the plane, massaging my legs and if the flight is long enough, I’ll wear compression leggings.

Dehydration is a problem for a lot of people when traveling. Buy a bottle of water after you pass through security. The longer the flight is, the bigger the bottle should be. Let it be your goal to drink the entire bottle before the flight lands, and when they bring around the cart offering drinks, be sure to request more water (if you want something else to drink they’ll usually still give you an additional cup of water if you ask. I notice dehydration.) Travel hack: get a spray water bottle from your local drugstore or make-up store. You can spray the water on your skin to help with hydration. If you don’t have one, just use some water from your drinking water to refresh and hydrate your skin.

travel hack

Sleep is so important. I try to sleep on the flight if I can. If I can’t sleep, then I’ll rest my body, mind, and eyes. Just laying there allowing myself to rest; I know I’ll need once I get to where I’m going. This becomes even more important if there is a full day before you’ll be able to sleep again.

Once I arrive at my destination, I try to have as calm and peaceful of a day that I can; making sure that I go to bed early to get a good nights sleep.

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