6 Ways To Stay In Shape No Matter Where You Go

A list of very easy tips to stay in shape and techniques to enable you to not only keep your mouth and stomach happy, but your overall attitude towards your health, fitness, and body too.

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Jetsetting across the globe often sparks one thing in the minds of travelers: the glorious food that awaits us in each country and each capital. Whether it be the barbeque you are preparing yourself for in Australia or the paella that awaits you in Spain, your stomach will conquer each plateful. The fear that lies within eating your way through your travels is the subsequent pounds/kilos that can sneak up on you and surprise you each time you gaze into a mirror or shop window.

Time management while traveling is tricky, and often exercise doesn’t make itself a priority in the pyramid of your needs. So is it possible to eat all the dishes you have dreamed of, whilst maintaining your gorgeous shape? The answer is yes.

Personally as a traveler, I have shamefully opted for sleeping in over an early morning run, or a late night McDonalds feed instead of a healthier option, so my experience is not only for the ambitious but for the lazy girl or boy within us all. I have compiled a list of very easy tips and techniques to enable you to not only keep your mouth and stomach happy, but your overall attitude towards your health, fitness, and body too.

1. One of the best ways to keep your body happy is also the easiest. Take the stairs. Every time. No cheating.  It will become second nature and engrained in your everyday rituals. Especially when you are feeling heavy and tired, the allure of the escalator or elevator may taunt and tease you, but resist.

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2. For the backpackers: actually put your backpack on your back. Avoid purchasing a backpack with wheels, as you will fall into the habit of wheeling it and it will seldom be used for its intended purpose. Embrace the snail look with your shell on your back. Watch out Cameron Diaz, your arms will be so toned, your muscles will begin to grow their own muscles.

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3. Strapped for cash? One of the most financially efficient ways to burn off last night’s pizza binge is the free walking tours offered in most cities. Hostels and hotels readily provide information; otherwise Google is your new best friend to find out more. Search what time they depart and from which location. They are interesting and informative, but make sure to tip at the end. Bonus: you will become so absorbed in the tour that you won’t even realize the sweat you could be breaking. If a tour isn’t your style, take control and walk the streets solo. Getting lost is not only a great way to discover a city, but attempting to find your way back to your accommodation will certainly raise your heartbeat.

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4. Another tour that will require you to reach deeper into your pockets for cash are bike tours, and from personal experience, Fat Tire Bike Tours were one of my better choices made whilst traveling. The ingredients of cycling and touring together make for a winning combination. Offering a variety of different tours in Europe’s capitals, you may end up doing more than one in the city you are in. Again, you wont even realize exercise is happening as the tour is so engaging. It will be hard to contain your excitement at the thought of saddling up your bike and heading to the next destination on the tour.

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5. If a little more conscious help is needed for keeping fit while traveling, download the smart phone app: My fitness pal. The app provides you with the means to track your daily meals to stay within the recommended calorie intake for a healthy diet. Does that mean being able to eat a few naughty treats every now and then? YES! It is all about balance. If my passion for carb-loading isn’t jeopardized, then sign me up.

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6. Another easy way to keep track of your travel weight is to cook your own meals. Simple, but effective. Most residences that you have the option to stay in come complete with kitchen, private or communal. Find a local grocery store, buy in bulk for the duration of your stay and attempt cooking the local delicacies yourself! Except for snails, maybe it is better to leave that to the professionals.

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If you find that you do gain a few extra pounds or kilos, don’t panic. It’s part of the experience, and evidence that you are truly enjoying yourself. Don’t hold back from enjoying the luxuries and indulgences that present themselves or you will regret it when you get home. Nobody wants to hear stories of all the different salads you tried. Scarf up that box of macaroons, and get extra chocolate sauce on your crepe. Last time I checked, gym memberships are always readily available and waiting for you upon your return home.

Article written by Carly Brand.

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