Tossa De Mar: One Of The Best-Kept Secrets Within Costa Brava

Located in north-eastern Spain and within the autonomous province of Catalonia, Costa Brava is undoubtedly one of the most famous stretches of coastline throughout Europe.

Costa Brava
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While there is no doubt that destinations such as Lloret de Mar and Cadaques will turn heads, lesser-known locations can just as easily provide lasting memories.

Tossa de Mar is a perfect example of what visitors can expect when taking a journey slightly off of the beaten path. What are some of the features which serve to define this coastal town and what amenities can you enjoy during an upcoming stay?

A Different Perspective

Similar to other areas throughout Costa Brava, the Tossa de Mar offers a host of pristine beaches. The fact that they have been formed into a small bay is also ideal if you happen to be arriving with small children and are concerned about waves. However, why not appreciate this beauty from a unique point of view?

Another great way to soak up the natural grandeur of Tossa de Mar is from afar. Thanks to relatively calm waters, catamaran rental services have become an extremely practical solution. Nearby cities such as Barcelona and Girona will provide plenty of options; enabling you to select the best vessel for your requirements.

A Bit of History

Once you have had your fill of the local beaches, why not instead appreciate the unique history of Tossa de Mar? It can be argued that the most famous attraction here is a series of walled fortifications known as the “Murallas de Tossa de Mar” (literally “the walls of Tossa d Mar”). This castle was originally erected in the 12th century and unlike many other structures with a similar age, it is astonishingly well-preserved. It is possible to enjoy up-close-and-personal views of its battlements, cannons and guided tours are available upon request. Never miss the opportunity to enjoy such a unique experience.

Traditional Catalan Cuisine

If you are travelling to Catalonia for the first time, you will be delighted with the types of food that this region has become famous for. The region is renowned for hosting some of the best restaurants in Spain, ensuring the food quality is guaranteed. The good news is that Tossa de Mar is also home to a handful of internationally recognised restaurants (many of these boasting at least a single Michelin star). Consider these amazing establishments:

  • Els Tinars
  • La Cuina de Can Simon
  • Bell-Lloc
  • Candlelight
  • Can Roquet

Not only can you enjoy stunning waterfront views, but the menus will offer a host of local and regional delicacies. However, be sure to make reservations well in advance.

Whether you are planning a day trip to Tossa de Mar or a long-term stay is in order, this region will certainly leave a lasting impression. Feel free to perform additional online research, as there are plenty of additional tips and tricks to consider. Get ready for what can only be called the holiday of a lifetime!

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