Top Destinations Around The World For An Unforgettable Holiday

If you want to do away with the run of the mill places for a holiday.

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With no end of fabulous destinations to head to in the world, it can often get tough to choose a place to plan a holiday. If you want to do away with the run of the mill places for a holiday and instead travel to some of the more unusual hidden treasures tucked away in the world, there are choices galore. In fact, you can check out some of the best places to travel at You’ll likely be blown away by the sights, sounds and experiences each place has to offer. Given below is a list of some of the off-beat places, so let’s go on a sojourn of quaint experiences that will invigorate your soul.

1. Blue Grotto, Italy – Enter the magnificent blue world


Capri is renowned for its rugged landscape, designer labels and luxury hotels. But most people haven’t heard about the Blue Grotto sea cave. It is a must-see for any visitor to Capri. A renowned sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, Italy, you can experience the amazing reflection that illuminates the cave through the shining seawater. Its intense blue tones will leave you mesmerized. The cave was discovered during the Roman era as antique statues were found inside it. It is said that during that time, under the rule of Tiberius, the interior of the Grotta was used as a marine nymphaeum. Some believed that the cave was the habitat of Nereidi or of Sirens or was a realm of devils who bewitched those who dared to enter it. Today, the Blue Grotto has become the emblem of the island of Capri that not many have heard of.

2. Get set for a cruise on the Rhine, Germany

When we think of Germany, it is all about the might and power of Hitler and the monuments and stories surrounding it. But let’s take a pause from all the history and indulge in the true beauty that lies in this mesmerizing country with a cruise on the mystical Rhine River. Dancing through vineyards, waltzing on the shore of castles and enjoying the expanse of water, a cruise on the Rhine promises all of this and much more. Some of the riverboats go through the Rhine River only, while others include other waterways in Austria, Hungary, Germany, or the Netherlands. But all these rides assure you an experience of a lifetime! So, immerse yourself in the mighty fortresses, romantic castles and ancient vineyards that artists, musicians and poets have immortalized in their art, songs and poetry.

3. Discover Europe in a unique way at Mini-Europe, Brussels

Mini-Europe is the only miniature model park, which takes you on a tour of Europe in just a few hours. Located at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels, it is a unique voyage of this beautiful continent. Mini-Europe is most suitable for those who cannot see the entire continent but want to get a feel of it. More than 350 sites and monuments have been reconstructed down to the finest details at a scale of 1:25 and set in an idyllic way to bring out their original ambiance and feel. The chosen monuments truly symbolize the spirit of Europe. The park takes you through the chimes of Big Ben, the gondolas and mandolins serenading you with the beauty of Venice, the grandeur of the Grand-Place in Brussels, and many more such magnificent monuments and places. Its animated tour with visual and sound effects of 350 miniatures and attractions is what sets it apart from other places. So, if you don’t have the luxury of time and money to see the entire continent, here is your chance to make the most of it.

4. Go cruising in Croatia


Croatia is on the top of the list for travel enthusiasts, especially after the TV show Game of Thrones became a hit. Many travel to this magnificent country to see the sights surrounding the TV show but very few explore the country on a cruise liner.  It is time to travel in style, exploring unspoiled islands, tiny historic villages, pristine beaches and aquatic life. Enjoy the delectable local cuisine, watch the breathtaking sunsets and the azure blue waters of the Adriatic sea. Some of the must-see places while on the cruise are the impressive UNESCO listed Old Town of Dubrovnik, the tiny island of Korcula, the resort town of Hvar, the weeping beaches and rocky coves of Split, and the Austro-Hungarian inspired Old Town of Opatija. Some of the luxury cruise liners give the option of setting afoot at these beautiful locales and spending a couple of nights exploring each town properly.

5. The magical and mystical Westfjords, Iceland


Iceland is one of the popular tourist destinations today with people flocking to see the Northern Lights but you can opt to have a quiet yet magical holiday in Iceland at the Westfjords. A true off-the-beaten travel spot, Westfjords is known for spectacular scenery, wildlife and plenty of historical spots. Home to puffins, seals, Arctic foxes and whales, it is a haven for wildlife lovers. Geographically, this part of Iceland has the oldest landmass, dating back to 16 million years ago, and over time, it has been shaped by rivers, glaciers, winds and the ocean. Today, it has a distinctive look and an atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Also, being one of the least inhabited parts of the country, it does not have too much tourism, keeping it absolutely raw and unspoiled. So, take a plunge into this hidden treasure, untouched by mass tourism and soak in the ultimate beauty of true Icelandic countryside.

6. A paradise for animal lovers- Zambia

When you think of wildlife and safari, most people would think of South Africa and Kenya. However, if you want to miss the herd of tourists in these places, yet enjoy nature in its best, a trip to Zambia is a must-do. It is one of the largest and most diverse nations in sub-Saharan Africa, with its popularity only limited to the gorgeous Victoria Falls. However, the Zambian safari is a hidden treasure that offers abundant wildlife and some spectacular places to stay in. Bountiful national parks have a plethora of animals and birds to see. The smaller North Luangwa and Luambe national parks are great to escape the crowds of the better-known South Luangwa National Park. Even the Liuwa Plain National Park and Kafue National Park are teeming with wildlife. Real adventure enthusiasts should also visit Bangweulu swamps- the source of the Congo River and the Kasanka National Park that witnesses the largest migration of bats.

So, get set to satiate your appetite for unique experiences to soothe the soul with these fabulous holiday hot spots. But before you plan your next holiday be sure to have your travel gear in place for a comfortable and smooth holiday experience.

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