3 Awesome Sites To Find The Cheapest Flights To Your Dream Destination!

OAK -> CDG = $400!

In my research for my upcoming trip to Europe, I scoured the internet for the best and cheapest options to get to our desired destinations. I compared planes, trains, and automobiles to find the best fit for my small college budget, determining that flights were the cheapest option. I utilized 3 main travel sites to book my travels, and through this was able to go from Oakland to Paris for $400 roundtrip! Check out the sites below for deals to a myriad of destinations around the world!

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1. Skyscanner.com

This website is great for comparing both regional and international flights. Just plug in your desired airports and travel dates and let the site search all the travel sites for you. An awesome feature of Skyscanner is that you can type in any airport you want to leave from, then click the “Anywhere” button and see the cheapest destinations you can fly to out of that airport.

2. Scott’s Cheap Flights

This company is an email listserv you subscribe to where they send you amazing international deals from a variety of airports. Most of the deals last for 24-48 hours and are usually mistake fares, so this is a great option for those looking to travel and have the immediate cash to buy the flights quickly. This is the site where I found my original Oakland to Paris flight!

3. Google Flights

Google Flights has been a great asset for me in finding regional flight information and pricing. Although they may not always have the cheapest options, they have the best assortment of direct flights listed. A helpful feature of Google Flights is their tabs that inform you whether the price displayed on the selected dates is normal compared to other travel times, and offers options for cheaper deals if your travel dates are flexible.

Hopefully these sites give you the tools to plan your dream vacation on a budget!


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