Top 10 Tips For Students Who Dream To Travel

Do you also believe that travel is the best education? If not, consider some ways traveling makes you smarter!

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The benefits of traveling for students

Firstly, it broadens your horizons since it makes you change your perspective. You can experience different cultures and learn about other political, economic, and social structures firsthand. As you understand how people and places are interconnected, your views may change.

Secondly, traveling enhances your creativity, according to Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School. He explains that creativity and international travel are linked because foreign experiences boost both cognitive flexibility and depth. Traveling also increases the integrativeness of thought and the ability to make connections between disparate forms, which are the keys to creativity. But importantly, students should immerse themselves in the local culture while traveling.

Besides, traveling helps to gain a better understanding of people and their actions, realizing how many things we all have in common. Generally, cross-cultural experiences pull students out of their cultural bubble and help them grow a sense of connection with people from various backgrounds.

No doubt, traveling can be very beneficial for students, no matter where you go, to Athens or Hong Kong.  But how to do it in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic? Read the recommendations below to find out!

The secret of traveling during the assignment season

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Students who dream to travel Photo by Thanakorn Phanthura from Pexels
Photo by Thanakorn Phanthura from Pexels

The best travel tips for students

1. Get a vaccination

The only proven way to travel safely is to get a vaccination that substantially decreases the chances to get infected, according to the CDC. Healthcare experts state that getting vaccinated helps not to get seriously ill if you are infected with COVID-19.

2. Research the information

It’s essential to research your destination country carefully. Read all the available information about health and quarantine requirements. Check the COVID-19 protocols before any hotel stay. You can also call hosts ahead and ask what precautions they are taking to protect guests.

3. Find a way to get out

Figure out how to leave the country during the coronavirus outbreak. Take care of possible medical evacuation in advance, before you have an emergency situation.

4. Buy insurance

There are a few ways to get insurance: you can buy a policy directly from your travel advisor or online. But make sure to read it carefully and check if it covers COVID-19 and other potential health issues, associated with it.

5. Avoid risks

Try to go to places that have advanced medical facilities and treatment capabilities in case you get infected with the coronavirus. Also, do your best to skip hard-to-reach or remote destinations.

6. Be flexible

Things are changing very rapidly in times of pandemic, so you should be ready to change your plans any minute. Hence, be flexible with both time and destinations you are traveling to.

7. Get help

Don’t neglect to get academic help from your peers. If they can do something for you, like sharing study materials or explaining difficult concepts, use this chance to ease your learning process. This way, you will have more time to enjoy your traveling experience.

8. Be adventurous

If you truly want to learn more about different cultures, you should engage in local activities and try new things. You can start with local street food, for example.

9. Use free tours

As a student, you must be willing to cut your travel expenses and save some amount of money. To do this, you can engage in free walking tours with a guide, which are organized in most cities.

10. Earn while traveling

If you are planning to stay somewhere for a couple of weeks, you can use this as an opportunity to earn extra money. Just ask locals whether you can help them with something and be paid for it.

Traveling often makes people leave their comfort zone. Although it may seem scary, this experience provides many growth opportunities. Once you overcome your fears and immerse yourself in the unfamiliar, you get a chance to discover something new both within yourself and the world around you.

Author’s Bio

Vendy Adams is a study coach and traveler. He believes that traveling is a great way to grow both personally and professionally.  Therefore, he encourages students to go on trips as much as possible and get diverse experiences expanding their outlook.

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