The World’s Most Instagrammable Travel Locations

The current state of the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down many industries. And traveling was one of the most suffering ones, as people are limited for their trips by quarantine measures. However, it doesn’t mean that you should leave behind the dream to become a new travel icon in the world of Instagram. 

We believe that pretty soon the borders will be completely open again, and you will be able to fulfill the goal to have amazing and memorable photos and videos. In this article, we share the most Instagram-worthy places to visit around the world. These locations are cool ideas for new content and with the opportunity to buy automatic Instagram likes for your next posts you are able to share your travel experience with a wide audience!

Amsterdam, Netherlands 


The city of Amsterdam, which is built over a wide net of channels, is a beautiful and interesting city to visit. It has a great history, and specific architecture, which makes it a worthy place to go to. 

The looks you may get from there are iconic – small townhouses of different colors, old roads with plenty of bikes instead of cars, and the bridges over channels with lots of boats around. Another interesting spot is the Red Lights District, which has quite a rebel vibe and will give you the opportunity not only to achieve tons of funny and cool content but to feel the freedom of the Old World. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali. PHOTO Jetset Times

The island of Bali is probably the best-known place for creating Instagram content and get likes. The nature and way of living on this paradise island are so unique and colorful, that it is impossible to miss. And even though many bloggers have already been there and covered that in their materials, Bali has enough secrets to reveal for everyone who comes there. 

Particular spots for great photographs are the trail down to the Kelingking beach. It is a quite dangerous route, so make sure your outfit and especially shoes are comfy and suitable for that. Also, the trail is inhabited by monkeys who are a good source of content but can be a bit aggressive and very curious. They are thieves as well, so take some fruits with you to make good relations with these little guys. 

Zhangjiajie Mountains, China 

zhangjiajie china

China is a rich sightseeing country, but impressive places to visit is the famous prototype of the Floating Mountains in the Avatar movie – Zhangjiajie. This point is located in a national forest park in Hunan, and it is definitely worth seeing at least once in your life. 

Although the mountains are connected to the earth, their vision is out of this world. Majestic stones, covered with greenery and surrounded by thick fog create a truly fantastic look, that can be captured in the photo. Who knows what magic you can find in that place?

Hobbiton movie set, New Zealand

Hobbiton, New Zealand
UNSPLASH Nikhil Prasad

Peter Jackson’s epic trilogies “The Lord Of The Rings” and “Hobbit” didn’t leave a person in this world who wouldn’t be at least impressed by the realization of Tolkien’s world. The shooting was taking place all over New Zealand, as the director considered its landscapes perfect for each episode he filmed. And as a reminder of huge work, appreciated and loved by millions, the set of Hobbiton Town has remained as a sightseeing place in Waikato. 

The location is well-organized and offers many tours for everyone. There is plain sightseeing or an evening feast, the choice is up to you. But your followers will send likes on the photos of small round doors hidden in the hills, cozy hobbit home interiors, and perfectly green lawns around. 

Lucca, Italy

Lucca, Italy.
UNSPLASH Will Pantaleo

Lucca is a small town on the Serchio river, located in the Tuscany region. Despite its tiny size, the town has a lot to offer for an Instagrammer to collect likes:

  • The park on the ancient town wall. The town wall was once a defensive rampart, but it has lost its military purpose and was turned into a park that surrounds the historical center of the town.
  • Guinigi tower – lonely tower, good for sightseeing and special for the four oaks that grow on its top.
  • Villa Garzoni – the example of beautiful Italian architecture in colonial style, accompanied by a highly photogenic water garden.
  • Botanical Garden Of Lucca: this place reminds of a magic forest and has a great collection of different plants. Also inhabited by turtles.
  • San Michele in Foro: the majestic cathedral in the town center, completely white from the outside.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

This place is truly stunning. Ireland in general is a beautiful country that can be photographed inch by inch, but the cliffs of Moher leave not only good content, but a special state of mind. This area is protected by UNESCO and is home to many species of birds. The total length of the cliffs is around 5 miles and their height is 702 ft at the highest point, and this area is considered a world’s geological wonder. 

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Japan

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Although this is a place that reveals one of the saddest episodes in world history, this is also a reason to visit it, and show it to your followers. The central point of interest is the administrative building that survived the atomic heat of 1945. Today, it is named The Atom Bomb Dome. Also there you can find the memorial to the victims of the atomic blast, and the museum dedicated to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the following events. 

Visiting Hiroshima is also a good reminder about the fact that life prevails everything, and the efforts of the Japanese government to make this city a good place to live. 

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Ukraine
UNSPLASH Darya Tryfanava

Despite unfortunate military events in the east of Ukraine, Lviv is available for visiting without risks. This is a well-remained ancient city that has a lot to offer to the demands of bloggers who are eager to new travels and IG likes. There are plenty of catholic cathedrals, historic streets, museums, and castles. Another specialty of Lviv city is its gastronomic variety. For food bloggers, this is one of heaven’s departments on Earth. Here are many interesting and Instagram-worthy restaurants that impress not only with their cuisine but with the visual and thematic content as well. For example, Kryivka is a famous place in the center of Lviv that recreates the atmosphere of rebellious organizations that were active in Western Ukraine. 

Carpathians, Ukraine 

Carpathians, Ukraine
UNSPLASH Anastasiia Kravchenko

Lviv that is mentioned here is a gate to the marvelous trip to the Carpathian Mountains. This region of Ukraine is a treasure for Instagram likes, as it has a mix of ethnic cultural places and old towns, and wild nature that practically steps into the town streets. It is recommended to visit not a single location in the mountains, but to take a journey through the region, exploring and taking impeccable photos of the surrounding area. 

  • Uzhgorod – a small town on the edge of the country, that has a huge history and many places to visit for sightseeing and exploring. 
  • Mukacheve – a town near Uzhgorod, that is known for the Palanok castle, which is considered the best-preserved historical fortresses of this region.
  • Synevyr lake – crystal clear lake that is hidden in the thick Carpathian woods.
  • Goverla – the highest peak of Europe, but relatively easy for conquering. The local administration has to offer many hiking trails to the top and around the mountain for different skill levels. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Croatia
UNSPLASH Spencer Davis

This is a city located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is enlisted as one of the World Heritage Sites, due to its historic and cultural meaning. Originally, Dubrovnik is the seaport, one of the connection points in the Mediterranean, and now, due to the climate and impressive city architecture, it is known as a pleasant place for vacation, traveling and Instagram likes. Dubrovnik is an example of old European town architecture that creates a special atmosphere that can be found only there. Also, Croatia is a wonderful mix of mountain and sea locations, which makes it a perfect place for bloggers who love nature photography and hiking. 

Lycian Way hiking trail, Turkey

Lycian Way
FACEBOOK Lycian Way 

This is a beautiful and relatively easy hiking way near Antalya. It was established in 1999 and named after the ancient civilization that was ruling this area. It lines along with such points of interest as:

  • Butterfly valley
  • Ruins of Patara
  • Myra amphitheater 
  • Letoon (Lycian capital)
  • Cape Gelidonya

And many other points to stop and breathe deep in and feel the power of nature around you. For Instagram, your hiking trip is a potential ton of content to get likes, besides, for people who are new to hiking, there are shorter ways and transportation possibilities. 

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