The ONE Accessory For Every Season: Swiss Army Knife

Originally, I bought my Swiss Army Knife as part of a bonding moment with my dad and sister in Geneva, Switzerland.

Swiss army knife
UNSPLASH Nick ter Haar

We all bought matching Swiss Army Knives,  and spent a good hour in the store debating which model we should purchase. I figured I would primarily use the bottle opener and occasionally the scissors but other than that, it would just be a cool trinket to have as a souvenir.

To this day, I’m still finding different tools that are hidden within the tricky little thing. Just the other day, I found a teeny tiny little pin (though I’m still not sure how I will use it) lodged just behind the corkscrew. I’m still trying to find a use for the small toothpick that rests behind one of the blades (I don’t quite trust the cleanliness of using it as an actual toothpick) but I’m sure I will eventually find some use for it.

I now use my Swiss Army Knife everywhere. The miniature pen that fits snuggly next to the tweezers has helped me take numerous spontaneous notes on things from recommendations to directions. I can’t say how many times the corkscrew and bottle opener came in handy (particularly when living abroad in Berlin and Italy) and the scissors always help in a pinch.

My Swiss Army Knife has come in handy more than I could have anticipated. It is my travel accessory of choice for any type of destination or vacation. My only concern is remembering to place it in my checked luggage, because it would be a terrible end or start to a trip to have it confiscated from my carry-on at security.

Lizzy Monroe

Originally from Eugene, OR, Lizzy graduated from Stanford University. She's a coffee & street market enthusiast, her travel style involves planning ahead but never hesitating to improvise. Her favorite country is South Africa, she never travels without her Swiss Army Knife - mostly because of the hidden pen, tweezers and corkscrew.

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