Transportation Tips! The Best Ways To Get In & Around Naxos


Since Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades, there’s a wide variety of easy and safe transportation options to get around. Since day trips to see the entire island is highly recommended, it’s best to rent a car which you can easily do near the port. For budget travelers, however, busing is your best option!

Prices listed may change according to season and time.


Flying: Naxos’ airport often has flights to/from Athens (40 minutes) and Thessaloniki (1 hour.) There aren’t international flights, but there are 2-4 flights that come in from Athens daily. Price: Less than €100 during low season. A bit more during high season. 

Ferry: For island-hoppers, this is the best way to reach Naxos. There are daily ferry rides from most islands, including Athens which takes about 4-5 hours depending on which port you choose. You can typically purchase ferry tickets on the day of your departure, there are kiosks all over the harbors. Prices vary according to the speed of the boat, and the duration of the ride. Price: €30-45.

Naxos boats


Car: This is the best way since you have the freedom of getting around at your own flexibility. There are many car rental offices near the port and airport. We highly recommend this option since it’s relatively affordable, and major villages are quite spread out so having your own car is ideal. Price: €30/day.

Motorbike: Similar to car rental, there are many kiosks you can find in Naxos. It’s also a great way to road trip throughout the island without breaking the bank. Price: €20/day.

Bus: There are several buses that leave Chora to other villages and Naxos beaches everyday. It’s also the cheapest way to get around the island, and it’ll reach major village stops including: Chalki, Filoti, and Koronos. During summertime, the buses will run more often and it’s a great way to enjoy the view without stressing over navigating on your own. Price: €2-4/one way.

Taxi: There are tons of taxis on the island, especially around the port, the airport, and near Chora. Though far more expensive than buses, this is the most practical way if you’re short on time. You can also book taxis onlinePrice: €15 from port to Plaka beach. 

Taxi-boats: They’re available for day trips to Koufonisia islands, but they can only be reserved ahead of time. Price: ask your hotel/accommodation.


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