What’s The Best Way To Get Around Paros

It’s a family-friendly island, lugging around children on foot wouldn’t be ideal.

A a Cyclades island that welcomes the most families compared to other Greek islands, getting around Paros might be a big concern. Lugging around children on foot wouldn’t be ideal, but paying for taxis throughout your entire stay might not be the perfect solution either. Here, we breakdown a few FAQs so you enjoy Paros to the max without wasting too much time getting round.

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How do you get into Paros by ferry?

You can get to Paros by ferry with frequent schedules during summer months. The prices of tickets depend on what types of ferries you choose and how much time you’re willing to spend on the ferry. You can book your tickets ahead of time online, or purchase them the day before while you’re in Greece. You’ll arrive in Parikia, then get a taxi or bus to your hotel/Airbnb.

Paros Ferry

How long is the flight from Athens to Paros?

It’s about 45 minutes, with frequent flights.

In Paros, why stay in Parikia or Naoussa?

So you won’t have to travel far to be in the mix. Parikia is the capital near the port, while Naoussa is where most shops and restaurants are. Parikia is the hub for buses throughout Paros, and Naoussa is the secondary hub for buses going to the east part of the island.

Is it worth it to rent a car?

Yes, if you’re staying in Paros for more than 2 nights. And if you’re staying outside of Parikia or Naoussa. Most rental agencies will allow cars on ferries between Pounta port and Antiparos where gorgeous beaches are located in the southern part of the island. Cars are also allowed on ferries to Agios Georgios, where you can take a boat to visit the Despotiko archeological site.

You can find rental agencies along the waterfront in Parikia. Renting a car might cost more, in August the minimum cost is €45 per day. Meanwhile, during lower season, you can rent a car for €60 for three days.

Renting a car is also great for off-the-beaten path travelers, it’s a fantastic way to discover hidden gems.

Don’t forget to carry your driver’s license and buckle up your seat belt at all times.

How much does it cost to rent a motorbike?

During high season in August, it’s around €20 for a motorbike per day.

Why getting around by bus is best for solo and budget travelers?

Because it’s the cheapest and safest ways to get around. Buses arrive and leave the most from Parikia, they’re frequent rides and on-time. For €1.80 to €3, routes connect to many other areas, including: Naoussa, Aliki, Punda, and Golden Beach.

What should you know about local taxis?

It’s worth it if you’re only staying in Paros for 1-2 nights, since it’s the most expensive transportation option. There are NO TAXI METERS, so negotiate the price before getting in. Taxis are also very busy during summer months, so give room for waiting in terms of timing.

Here’s a set of prices for you to consider: Airport – €20, Lefkes – €14, Naoussa – €13, Pounta – €12. Add €1 for the port for extra baggage.

TIP!! Get the number of the taxi driver that you meet so you can arrange for a later pickup instead of trying to find one on the street.

Why go on small boats?

For touring beaches, it’s a safe and cheap option. It’s also the only way to reach certain beaches on Antiparos. There are small boats that leave from Parikia to Punda (which is NOT Punda Beach.)

Is Paros bike-friendly? 

The main road that connects most parts of Paros is quite flat, so you can enjoy a good bike ride.

You should go around by foot if…

The weather is too hot. Otherwise, getting around in Paros by foot is a beautiful way to explore the island. Weather in Paros also change dramatically from day to night, so always bring a little jacket or layering is a good idea for evenings.

Photos: Wendy Hung


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