The Best Games To Play On Your Halloween-Themed Vacation

A celebration observed in many territories on 31 October, from Europe to the Caribbean, people everywhere enjoy Halloween.

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For some, a hair-raising party at home is required, while others prefer to experience a petrifying time in a foreign land. In fact, a Halloween-themed vacation away is appealing to more and more people these days, particularly given the comprehensive selection of countries that adore it.

Whether it’s to help get the party started or simply to keep yourself entertained during a long coach journey, holidaymakers can dabble in a range of Halloween-inspired products that provide plenty of entertainment. Games are particularly popular around this time, with people tucking into a diverse range of fun offerings in this area, be it a leading video game or a fun board game. Halloween fans certainly aren’t short on options, with some of the most popular products helping to add to the blood-curdling experiences that nations like Romania, Mexico, and England are known to serve up.

So, if you’re in need of some games to play on your Halloween-themed getaway, then below are some of the best options to look at.

Browser games like BGaming’s Monster Hunt are worth exploring

Most holidaymakers take their smartphone and tablet devices away with them in the technology-obsessed modern world we now live in. Browser games are, therefore, a viable option to sample on your Halloween holiday, with options like BGaming’s Monster Hunt providing plenty of fun and entertainment. A leading title that enables players to step into the shoes of a fearless monster hunter, there is a plethora of spooky creatures in this one. From vampires and an array of other formidable creatures, this scary release deserves some attention. Perdition is another great product from this genre, with this jumpscare-filled horror title featuring a sadistic god who continually orders you around. If you wish to ignore him, then you face the consequences. Additionally, A Dark Room is another well-liked title in this category, particularly as this text-based horror RPG features a rather unexpected and shocking twist at the end.

Board games are another popular choice

If your gaming days are firmly behind you, then tackling the variety of Halloween-themed board games that are available to snap up might be the perfect alternative. There are certainly plenty of viable options in this area, with some horror-based fun being on offer in some of the most prominent titles. Betrayal at House on the Hill BGaming’s Monster Hunt, with this petrifying game serving up changeable settings, creative scenarios for players to tackle, and offering the suspense that many people can’t handle as they try to guess what’s on the other side of the door. Another solid choice in this category is Horrified, a board game filled with vampires, mummies, and werewolves. The Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits is also worth looking at, particularly if you’re after a game that is for all ages, as each player has to master socializing with as many terrifying creatures that lurk in the house as they possibly can.

The leading PlayStation 5 horror games

Back to video games now and a console that is adored by gamers everywhere, the PlayStation 5. If you’re planning on taking your console away with you, then you’re certainly spoiled for choice. One of the biggest titles released on Sony’s sophisticated console, Dead Space is a smash-hit product. Offering a blood-soaked labyrinth of corridors and nasties, it’s a truly scary game to play. Resident Evil 4 is also right up there, while Alan Wake 2 and its murder theme is another horror game that’s hard to fault.

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