Tent Tactics: How To Survive Your First Family Camping Trip 

Survive your first family camping trip whilst having an awesome time in the process. 

Tent tactics family camping trip

Toasting marshmallows around the campfire, singing songs and arguing with your siblings about how to put up the tent are what childhood memories are made of. So why not roll back the years, treat the kids to some family bonding time and reconnect with mother nature this summer by planning the ultimate trip. There’s a large range of camping products now on offer and outstanding amenities, on site, which mean camping doesn’t have to be stressful and it certainly doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Continue reading to find out how to survive your first family camping trip whilst having an awesome time in the process. 


There are tonnes of tents available but finding the perfect one to fit your family in is crucial. Make sure you choose one that has multiple rooms rather than making your decision solely based on how many people it sleeps or it’s square footage. Having multiple rooms allows you to store your belongings away which ensures you have clutter free space for comfortable sleeping and a tidy space to relax in. Each child can then, also, have their own room which increases the chances of them having a peaceful sleep and feeling refreshed and less cranky the following morning. If there’s a chance of some questionable weather it’s also worth considering purchasing a tent with an awning. A great way to prevent overcrowding when the first drop of rain hits the ground. 


There are many different points to consider when deciding which campsite to pitch on. The first and most important is location. You can choose to really get to grips with nature and pitch your tent on free campsites that immerse you in the wilderness. The upside of this is that you’re right on the doorstep of beautiful scenic walks and trails where you can take in the local wildlife and landscape. It’s also the more affordable option as there are many free sites. These sites are free, however, because the likelihood is that there will be no electricity and very basic toilet facilities. You’ll be glad to hear that there are thousands of campsites that still offer the picturesque scenery but with more modern facilities such as electricity, running water and cooking areas with bbqs and fridges.


Pack light and never underestimate how cramped a tent can become when it’s filled with unnecessary items. Plan your outfits for each day of your trip and take one warm pullover and a waterproof coat, this way you’ll be prepared for all eventualities. This will make more room for cooking equipment and your esky. Don’t forget to take cutlery and bin bags for any left over rubbish. It’s also worth packing a back up bag should the rain come to try and ruin your day. Filling it with a colouring book, some pencils and a pack of cards will keep your kids will be occupied regardless of the weather. Purchasing a bike rack is a sound investment to make if you’re planning on making camping a regular thing. Taking the families bikes along and heading out on bike rides whilst camping is an activity that the kids will love and will help you save money on expensive theme parks. 


Surviving your first camping trip will be easy if you consider the points above. If you research your options and plan carefully you can easily create everlasting memories for your children by taking them out of their comfort zone and developing their personalities. What are you waiting for- get planning today. 

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