6 Signs You’re Ready To Move Abroad

What exactly is stopping you?

moving abroad
Photo: Hanna Jobes

Call me crazy, but I’d say the first sign that you are interested in a life abroad would be that you clicked on this article. When presented with the idea of living in a foreign country people tend react one of three ways:

  1. “Why would I EVER want to leave ___? I have everything I need right here.”
  2. “I would love to live abroad, but….”
  3. “Absolutely. I’ll quit my job tomorrow.”

More than likely, you’re in that second category. If we were honest with ourselves, I’d say the majority of people are in that category. If the idea of moving to a new country doesn’t completely terrify you then ask yourself what exactly is stopping you? Now, take the time to read these signs and see if you relate to some, if not all, of them.

You Don’t Want Your Current Job/Location To Become Permanent

It is important to remember that everyone will feel stress with their job, EVEN if it is your dream job. However, there is a satisfaction that comes with stressing over a goal that you are inspired and determined to achieve. If you are uninspired every day in your job and counting down the minutes till you get to go home, why are you wasting your time? You deserve to live a life that keeps you motivated, fulfilled, and energized. If you are living in a city that doesn’t excite you, why waste the rent money? Think of where you would love to live and go there.

moving abroad
Photo: Hanna Jobes

When You Travel Abroad You Are Always Hesitant To Come Back

You know the feeling. You just had a life changing trip and you’re headed to the airport with an overwhelming sense of sadness. Have you ever experienced post-trip depression? Has it ever been so strong you’ve contemplated skipping your flight home? Ask yourself this: What is it about your current life that you dread coming back to? The average person takes one to two weeks of vacation a year. That is 7-14 days out of 365. So what are you doing with those other days? If you find yourself wasting them dreaming of your next vacation, maybe you’re ready for a change of scenery. 

moving abroad
Photo: Hanna Jobes

You Actually Like Change

If you’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone, moving to a new country probably is not for you. Taking this step will mean constantly being surrounded by new languages, people, cultures, and even food. You’ll be leaving all that you know behind. Every day will become a learning experience. What better way to educate yourself about a country outside of your own?

moving abroad
Photo: Hanna Jobes

You Want To Learn Another Language And Your Foreign Language Class Knowledge Is Fading

As an American I was required to take two years of foreign language in high school and one year in college. I loved learning a new language because it was a subject that I had so much room to grow in. Over the years I lost relatively all of that knowledge. With English as my native language, I never truly had a need to learn another language. After traveling I realized that most people know at least two languages and I so desperately wanted to be in that category. If you find yourself feeling the same way, what better way is there to learn a language than to live in the country that speaks it?

moving abroad
Photo: Hanna Jobes

You’re The Only Single One In Your Friend Group

To clarify: you DO NOT have to be single to move abroad. Being single and being married are completely different stages of life. There is no denying this. If you find yourself surrounded by friends who are all engaged or married, it becomes hard to relate. You’re in a completely different mindset than everyone around you. What better time is there to live in a new country and start a completely new journey than when you are completely dependent on yourself? Your single years are your time to be selfish and grow as an individual. 

The Thought Of Moving Abroad Doesn’t Scare You, It Thrills You

When you see people moving abroad you get a little jealous on the inside. You’ve thought about quitting your job and moving multiple times and you’re looking for any sign that this is a practical step for you. There is never a perfect time to do anything. If you can’t stop thinking about something, you should act on it. We all get one chance on this thing called life. What do you truly want to do with yours?

Hanna Jobes


Hanna's a flight attendant, and her travel style is adventurous, spontaneous and always educating herself with an open mind. She can never travel without her journal and a camera.

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