Survival Of The Fittest… In The Car! 4 Road Trip Tips

I must be perfectly honest: road trips are not really my thing. 


I get antsy after even two and half or three hours in a car! For me, it’s a lot of time in a cramped space with not a whole lot to do.  I recently went to Mammoth, which from Southern California, is a good six-hour drive.  In the long time I had driving there and back with my family, I was inspired to make these tips to make any road trip more comfortable.

1.  The main ingredients: the car and the people.

These are two key parts of any road trip, but they deserve only one number on my list because sometimes you can’t do anything about them! First, the car: in any and all cases with more than three people, I suggest taking an SUV if you can.  Anything smaller feels cramped, forcing people to get a little cozier than they want, either with the person sitting next to them or the loads of luggage that people bring along.  An SUV gives riders their own space to nap, watch a movie, or do whatever they want.  Second, the people: being in a car with people you don’t like is always miserable! Make the most of it by chatting and getting to know whomever you’re sharing your trip with.  If no one is interested in that, then just take a nap!


2.  Make a great playlist.

A good playlist for the car is crucial.  Everyone has different tastes in music, so make sure you have songs that are neutral for everyone, whether you prefer a mellow Jack Johnson or a pumped-up Swedish House Mafia mix.  Whatever type of music you have, make sure there are enough songs for the duration of the trip! If you want to tune out, make sure you have your own great playlist on your own iPod to keep you busy and occupied.

3.  Snacks!

Whenever you travel, especially with kids (or men), it is important to keep everyone away from the hungry-grumpy state. It’s good to have things that are filling and not very messy, such as granola bars and string cheese, rather than chips or Cheez-Its, which, while delicious, can crumble and leave crumbs everywhere.


4.  Plan your stops.

Make sure when you are planning the length of your trip that you account for stops.  You are bound to have people in the back who are dying for a bathroom break or a snack or just to stretch their legs. So I would say the rule of thumb is to probably stop around every two to three hours, depending on how long your trip is.

5.  My secret weapon: a great book!

While some people get carsick if they read a book, if you know it doesn’t bother you, bring a book on a long road trip.  Allow yourself to be enthralled in the book of your choice, and the trip will seem too short because you didn’t have enough time to finish your story.  There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book.

No matter what, enjoy the ride and let the excitement of your destination take away the dread of the trip to get there!

Article written by Sarah Graham.

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