Reasons To Take A Gap Year Before Going To College

A great opportunity to decide what form of education you want to pursue and prepare yourself for college life.

Gap year

Much has been said about the beneficial role of traveling in people’s life. Traveling is a metaphor of life itself… A meaningful, fulfilling life saturated with bright impressions and exciting memories accompanying us forever. But it’s not only our inherent thirst for new impressions and excitement that spurs us on to travel. It’s our burning desire to learn, touch, taste, and penetrate the things previously unexplored, distant, and unfamiliar. Traveling is also an excellent opportunity to blow off steam and take a break from your daily routine and academics. Undoubtedly, a change of scenery can benefit future college students who have just said goodbye to their high school. If you’re still hesitant whether or not taking a gap year before college is an option worth pursuing, you should definitely read our article.

What is a Gap Year?

Gap year

It’s not a secret that lots of people choose to take time-out before making some important decisions or moving on to the next stage of their life. Such a break can come in handy when you need to clear your mind, do some thinking, and come up with answers to eternal questions every person starts asking themselves at some point. No wonder, high school graduates pay tribute to an old good tradition and embark on a year-long journey before enrolling in college. A gap year, also known as a sabbatical year, is a period school leavers take as a break from formal education. Thousands of young people take advantage of a gap year to travel to various destinations and explore our beautiful planet. It also can be a great opportunity to decide what form of education you want to pursue and prepare yourself for college life that can be both exciting and overwhelming. Still, we’re sure that neither sleepless nights nor tons of homework will prevent you from graduating from your alma mater with flying colors. Keep in mind that every time you feel overloaded with urgent assignments, you can buy a research paper from PapersOwl, a writing service that has been successfully providing students with timely academic assistance for many years. But until then, you can make the most out of your gap year.

Why Take a Gap Year?

Reason 1

The first reason why you should seriously consider taking a gap year is that most institutions of higher education encourage their applicants to take advantage of a sabbatical before getting into college. They emphasize that spending a year travelling before college benefits their applicant both physically and emotionally. A gap year is a period during which a graduate’s mind and body undergo significant transformations propelled by a change of scenery, new impressions, skills, and knowledge acquired during the journey. Why not avail yourself of education professionals’ advice? If you opt in favor of a gap year, you’ll come to higher education with an extra year of life experience and become a valuable asset to any classroom.

Reason 2

Spending a year away from home offers numerous opportunities to those students that aim to learn more about themselves. Leave your home means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, which results in new experiences and challenges. Lots of students volunteer for various organizations while on sabbatical. This can be quite a rewarding experience. When combined with volunteering, traveling can fundamentally rewire your brain, which makes it easier for you to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. Thus, odds are good that during the gap year you’ll emerge as a self-actualized and mature person ready to face the challenges that may come along with adult life.

Reason 3

If you want to have unrestrained fun after so many years of hard learning, a gap year is your chance to knock yourself out. Make no mistakes – a gap year isn’t about relaxation and slacking off. It’s the time you can devote to the activities that revive your spirit, refresh your mind, and strengthen your body. What can be more fun than travels, adventures, exploration of different cultures, and self-discovery?

Reason 4

The students who spent their first years traveling are less likely to engage in delinquent behaviors, compared to their counterparts who decided to pursue higher education after graduating from school. Experts also note that gap year students are more likely to be emulated by peers and act as role models in college. Isn’t it a good enough reason to take a gap year?

Reason 5

Traveling allows you not only to accumulate valuable experience and learn profound life lessons firsthand, but also make new acquaintances and learn a foreign language. Ability to establish and maintain connections, as well as proficiency in languages, proves invaluable for people in today’s world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop your communication, interpersonal, and foreign language skills during a gap year. This will not only improve your college admission chances, but also make you more competitive in the labor market.

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