5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Visiting Rainy Cities On Vacation

It might be fun and exciting!


When people think of vacations, they think of sunshine, warm weather, beautiful European scenery or cruising across the ocean in a giant, floating hotel. Rarely do people think about taking vacations in cities where it rains frequently and is often overcast or dreary. Here are five reasons why heading off on vacation to a rainy city might be fun and exciting!

1. Dress Warm

When headed out to a rainy city, you can pack for the weather. That means, bringing your comfy jeans, great boots and a jacket to stay warm and cozy. You can even pack handy rain ponchos for when you get caught in a sudden downpour. Bring a few extra pairs of socks in case your feet get wet while on your adventures.

2. No Crowds


Vacationing in a city where it rains often means you won’t have to face crowds when out and about. These will allow you to spend your time leisurely vacationing without the hustle and bustle of tourist cities. Get off the beaten path and spend some time in a local coffee shop enjoying the delicacies while people watching. Find a fun museum and spend the afternoon lazily looking around. It’s amazing what you can find when you’re not rushing about.

3. Save Money

Heading out to the tourist hot spots will hit your wallet where it hurts. If you choose to head off on vacation to a destination that is not as popular, then you can find yourself saving cash on your flight, hotel and meals. It’s a well-known fact that everything is more expensive where the tourists are.

4. It’s Romantic

Rain is romantic, and some amazing romantic cities in the world get a lot of rain. Imagine sitting by and watching ferryboats in Seattle or riding a cable car in Cologne. The colorful world and culinary adventures of Hong Kong can be an amazing place to visit with that special someone, or if you would rather lay a bit low and relax, finding a cozy bar in Edinburgh might be more your speed. When planning a romantic vacation, don’t worry too much about the weather, romance can be found even in the rain.

5. Think Outside The Box


Have you ever been swimming in the ocean in the rain? If this sounds like it might be fun, then you might wish to visit Oahu, where you can take a leisurely swim in the ocean during a gentle rain shower, and cross that item off your bucket list. If you’re visiting Vancouver, Canada, you can head to the beach, indoors to have your beach vacation, or even during a storm.

Rainy vacations can be fun and exciting. You can pack to be cozy and bring your most comfortable clothing. You can plan to save some money by avoiding the tourist traps. Enjoy romance and excitement in cities where the skies are often gray and cool. Rain can be fun, and if you are prepared for it, then you’re all set for a fantastic vacation anywhere in the world.

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