Packing Light And Right For A Trip To London

As you prepare for a trip to London, here are a few pointers to help you avoid disastrous packing.

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As traveling across the globe continues to be better, owing to the internet resources and airlines offering access to more regions, it is now easier to plan a trip. Within a few minutes, you can hit the search engine, check out amazing airfare deals, and choose the best service to fast track your traveling plans. With services such as Cathay Pacific, you can easily find pocket-friendly tickets, allowing you to travel without breaking your bank. Planning a trip, whether business-related or a vacation, nonetheless, can be overwhelming, especially when packing to ensure you have everything you need. If you aren’t keen, you could end up with huge luggage that makes your travels a hassle. The last thing you want is to be pulled out of the line at the airport for more checks or as you forget to pack the essential documents.

Trip to London

While planning your trip, among the top considerations while packing is your destination.  As you prepare for a trip to London, here are a few pointers to help you avoid disastrous packing.


Londoners tend to dress reasonably well-dressed, and if you want to blend, it will help if you packed some of your nice clothes but don’t go all out struggling to look super dressy. If you intend to go out in bars, the opera, or dining, smart dressing is recommendable, a guiding factor while packing. As you pick the best outfit, keep in mind that what works for the summer season could be an epic fail if you are traveling during winter.

If you are traveling during the winter season, pack warmer clothes.  Pants or jeans and layered clothing are an ideal choice. You could pack a warm sweater, fleece, a warm winter coat, scarf, gloves, and a warm hat. During the summer, light clothes such as a shoulder wrap dress, light pants, shorts, and T-shirts work well, and you could spice it up with a pair of sunglasses. While packing the clothes, the trick, regardless of the season, is to include a series of items that you can easily layer and adjust following the climate.


While it might skip your thoughts, a pair of shoes can make or break your trip. London is a walkable city, and most of the exploration will most likely be on foot. Packing a nice, comfortable, and breathable pair of shoes goes a long way in enhancing your experience, as the last thing you want is blisters and sore feet. While picking the best pair, avoid overly sophisticated items, such as complex lace styles or numerous straps.  A simplistic design that you can comfortably walk in throughout the day is quite a winner, ensuring that you can conveniently explore the magical city.


You don’t want to ruin your perfect itinerary just because of light drizzles. An umbrella comes in handy, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about finding a space to pack one as you can find compact travel options. Carrying a full-sized umbrella can be quite annoying, but the compact options make it easier; you will hardly note that you have it. While choosing the best compact umbrella, it would help if you packed a windproof option with a cover to ease packaging and carrying when not in use.

Power adapter

While traveling to London from Perth, you won’t have to worry so much about your electronics. The UK uses the same voltage as Australia, but it is better to be safer than sorry. With an adapter, you can comfortably plug in your devices without worrying that they’ll be fried. With the innovative developments, finding a UK travel adapter isn’t that challenging, and as they are small in size, you won’t have to worry about packing it, and you’ll hardly notice the impact on your luggage. This is absolutely essential if you are travelling with a vacuum sealer for clothes.


You’ll need some toiletries during your trip, and while you can easily find them in London, it is advisable to pack some. Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, sanitary products, and deodorant to mention a few items. The top reason you need to pack the toiletries, while they can easily be found in London, is because brands could differ, and that slight difference could make your experience quite unpleasant. Packing some eliminates such frustrations, and as they don’t take up significant space, you won’t have to worry about bulk luggage. Also, don’t forget to pack your prescription medication.

Neck wallet

You don’t have to carry a backpack around during your explorations. Thankfully, neck wallets make it easier to organize and access items such as your phone, cash, passport, and credit cards. Today, smart neck wallets offer more protection, not just from pickpockets but e-thieves as well using technologies such as RFID blocking technology. A neck wallet is convenient as they can easily be hidden under the shirt, and with ease of access, you won’t struggle to get your items.

Other items

Your miscellaneous packing list depends on various considerations. You could pack a Camera as London is quite photogenic, with numerous spots to capture those Instagram-worthy photos. Modern Smartphones come packed with amazing resolution, but packing a camera is an excellent inclusion that could enhance your experience. A reusable water bottle also comes in handy as you strive to stay hydrated. You won’t have to use your hard-earned cash buying bottled water as you can fill the bottle from fountains and sinks around London. While preparing for the flight, remember to include healthy snacks, comfortable clothing to help you sleep, noise-canceling earplugs, and eye cover, among other items. If you are traveling with kids, pack fun items such as games to keep them engaged throughout the flight.

Traveling from Perth to London takes hours. If you aren’t keen while packing, the trip can be quite disastrous as you struggle to navigate the process with bulky luggage. Packing light and right is the way to go, ensuring that you don’t carry a lot more than you need, or leave items that make the trip a delight.

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