Oktoberfest Survival Guide: From Food To Fun In Munich

Although it may be called Oktoberfest, the celebration begins in September. The Oktoberfest festival started 200 years ago, precisely in 1810. Today, it’s known as the celebration of Lederhosen, pretzels, and lager.

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The festival occurs over three weekends, with more than seven million people visiting worldwide. While Oktoberfest parties, occasions, and bar crawls exist in every corner of the world, nothing is similar to returning to the source. Encountering the first German celebration in all its greatness is better. Read this complete Oktoberfest 2024 guide to learn more.

Amazing Oktoberfest delicacies to Try Out 

The local delicacies in Bavaria are amazing. Here are some foods you can try out at Oktoberfest events.

Hendel, aka roast chicken

It’s simply roasted chicken. Sure, you have had roast chicken before; how extraordinary might this roast chicken be? The answer is very exceptional. Bounty special. Incredibly phenomenally unique. How Hendel is prepared is a mystery to many. To dream about after you’re finished gobbling it up.

Spätzle aka the German mac and cheese 

Here is another for vegans, a budget-cordial staple that will make you drink two to three liters of brew without dramatizations.

It’s just pasta and cheddar, cooked flawlessly, prepared by divine beings, and served to you steaming hot and ready to feed into your face.

Beef of all kinds 

Enjoy beef stew, tartare, beefsteak, bubbled meat, and beefcake. Enjoy the varieties.

You might find burgers in some brew tents but do not eat a burger at Oktoberfest. Maß lagers don’t go with burgers; little clump-make IPAs go with burgers, and this is not your hipster cousin’s nearby pub.

Clothing to wear

A portion of the fun is sprucing up in customary German garments to appreciate Oktoberfest. Furthermore, you’ll see pretty much everybody spruced up in traditional Bavarian garments. Lederhosen for guys and dirndls for young ladies. If you don’t, you’ll still have the best time. If you desire to get a customary outfit, go for one.

How Much Does Oktoberfest Cost?

Each tent is allowed to enter. Lager is often between 12 and 13 EUR, and most full meals are between 12 and 20 EUR. A few tents offer lunch specials for 10 to 15 EUR. You will also find lots of stands everywhere with frankfurters and wurst for about 5 to 6 EUR.

Accommodation for Oktoberfest

The first and most significant consideration you ought to make is where you’ll sleep after many drunken antics. Accommodation is the steepest expense during this outing, and the earlier you book, the better. Any central area will be very expensive no matter what. Along these lines, you’re very much linked to the Oktoberfest grounds.

Touring the Oktoberfest grounds is one of the most incredible adventures ever. Enjoy the special dishes and other fun activities at these events. Meanwhile, you can contact a travel agent to plan your Oktoberfest trip for you. Travel agents offer several Oktoberfest packages that may include accommodation, transportation, feeding, etc. 


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