Must-Read Books When You Travel

Travel opens you up to new people and places, and books open your mind to these new places. Many people get ideas of places to visit from books they read.

Must-Read Books When You Travel

Books change the way we look at the world. We cannot go everywhere, so their stories allow us to travel mentally, which is sometimes all one needs to change their view or mood. The best travel novels are mainly stories that take you into someone else’s journey so well that you can visualize their life.

We compiled some of the top travel books to read this year.

A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini, 2007

You will want to read a thousand splendid suns if you like humanitarian stories that shed light on one of the places in the world that only the bravest dare to travel. Mariam and her mother Nana live in the outskirts of a small town, Herat, where they have been secluded to avoid interaction with Mariam’s three stepmothers. Why? Because she is a result of an extramarital affair that was so scandalous that Nana has never recovered from the outrage. You will undoubtedly enjoy A Thousand Splendid Suns essay examples online if you want an outline of the book without reading it all. Her father, Jalil, comes to see her every Thursday, and when she hits fifteen, she requests him to take her to his cinema studio and introduce her to his nine legitimate children. He refuses, she forcefully goes to see him at home, and the free a thousand splendid suns essay samples explain the outcome of the forceful interaction.

Nana hangs herself in their hut, causing Mariam to live with her father’s legitimate family for a while before she is married off to a Kabul shoemaker 30 years her senior. Her life takes a wrong turn, and the story is one heartbreak after another as the author takes us through a young girl losing her youth. For some reason, this book may give you warm feelings about Kabul, even if you have no plans of ever visiting the city.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood, 1985

This one’s a top travel book in how the author tells the story. The setting, the Republic of Gilead – the former United States, is a place where women have lost all rights, and everything they do is dictated by men. Mistakes are punished by hanging, and handmaids are selected to work and birth for their masters and mistresses who form the ruling elite. The plan is to restore ‘order,’ return the nation to Christian ways, and bring forth some children, as population growth has drastically slowed down following rampant infertility. The fertile maids are raped by their masters in the presence of their wives during ‘the ceremony.’ Why read this book? To understand outrageous events of the past.

Without Reservations – Alice Steinbach, 2000

Alice Steinbach has it all – she is an accomplished journalist, her kids are in college, and she is divorced and quite free and happy with her life. Yet, she is restless, but she has no idea why this is the case. So, she decides to take a year’s break and travel Europe, living in five cities: Paris, Venice, Milan, London, and Oxford. Travel experts will certainly have a say in topics like these because wanderlust makes people get out of their comfort zones. In this book, written in the first person, the author takes us through her life during this wandering period in a way that inspires wanderlust.

Travelling While Black – Nanjala Nyabola, 2021

This book is a collection of essay and examples of instances of travel by a black woman. The last few years have seen awareness grow to expose the inflexibility of humans where those different from them are concerned. The author writes her experiences while traveling with a weaker passport in the world rankings and how unprovoked strangers challenged her skin color in several parts of the world. Her narrations are no different from what we hear now of a college student being denied services or others for simply being black. Even as some parts of the world try to cut her down to size, Nyabola goes against the grain, traveling, breaking barriers, and not allowing discrimination to ruin her inspiring travel experiences.  

You can find these books online if you are not keen on hard copies by searching the vast database of book-selling sites. You will also find samples on any topic, which is great for the mind. Have fun during your travelogues!

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