5 Ways To Think Your Way To A Better Vacation

A journey begins in the mind. Here are five ways to ensure you have an absolute blast on vacation!


1. Expect the unexpected.

Sometimes, traveling to an unfamiliar place, things don’t necessarily go according to plan. When something you were looking forward to a vacation for months on end turns awry, it can be a huge disappointment, and anything you do in its stead will seem like just that–a replacement. Holidays should be about spontaneity, chance encounters and discovery. Embrace that sudden turn of events as something that could add a breath of fresh air to your holiday and lead to something exciting.

2. Play the part.

Completely immerse yourself in the culture of the place. Are the people loud and outgoing? Be bold and friendly–greet passersby; cheer at street performances; party with others. Do people dress to impress? Replace that t-shirt with a polo or blouse, sneakers with TOMS and avoid acid wash jeans at all costs. Read up on the history and the culture of the place beforehand: an informed traveler always has the upper hand. And when in doubt, go local. That means shopping at small local boutiques, buying fresh breakfast at street markets and opting for restaurants that have a higher ratio of local customers to tourists.


3. Create a theme for your holiday.

Most places are brimming with exciting things to try and explore, and with such busy, adventuring lives, it’s often difficult to accomplish all that you’d hoped to do in a holiday without over exhausting oneself. Instead of mindlessly trying to cram in all of the famous tourist destinations into your itinerary, why not create a mental filter based on what you are looking for this specific holiday? Whether it is a gourmet epicurean adventure through Europe or an Arabian Nights themed journey through the Silk Road, knowing exactly what you want to get out of your trip will help you narrow down your choices and have the most worthwhile experience.

4. Make believe…

…that you are the main character in a movie or a book. Sometimes, a bit of imagination can make you feel all the more excited about a place, and placing yourself in the shoes of a fictional character can add romance to your experience. Feel epic as you journey across seas, explore chateaus and stroll through enchanting fields; indulge in fantasies and fairytales from childhood. For an extra feeling of awesomeness, crank up some tunes. If listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song while cruising through the Caribbean seas doesn’t make you feel like an awesome, adventuring pirate, I don’t know what will.


5. Live in the moment.

Instead of perpetually being on the look-out for the nearest wi-fi hotspot to update your Facebook status or fretting over capturing the perfect snapshot for your next cover photo, embrace each and every moment. Replace that camera vision with the good old retina, and let memory take its own snapshots for you to look back on. Sure you will want to have photos to remember your amazing trip to Paris ten years down the line, but if you’re so busy taking pictures that you can’t admire the real thing, you might as well stay at home, staring at Google images of the Eiffel tower.

Article written by Chihiro Isozaki.

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