Is Your Dog A Nervous Flyer? Here Is How To Help

The problem with flying is that your dog’s senses are all mixed up.

Is Your Dog A Nervous Flyer? Here Is How To Help


They can’t see, can’t hear very well, and it is smelly from the people and dogs they walked past on the way to the airport. Dogs’ noses are overloaded. All that is mixed with the excitement of going somewhere new and the anxiety of leaving the familiar. Dogs can get overwhelmed, and there’s not much they can do about it.

A lot of dogs suffer from anxiety when they fly. In fact, most dogs find the experience to be extremely stressful, and many dogs become a lot more aggressive and bark a lot more when they are in the air. A lot of dogs find the experience to be extremely stressful, and many dogs become a lot more aggressive and bark a lot more when they are in the air. Here are some ways to help.

Know when and how the dog becomes anxious

When it comes to flying with your dog, there are many variables that play a role in how they will react. Some dogs may enjoy flying and are the perfect travel partners, and others may be completely terrified. There are a handful of ways to know whether or not your dog will become anxious during the flight. The main thing to look for is the dog’s behavior before the flight. Has the dog been friendly and happy with other dogs and humans? Have they taken well to being in a carrier? 

If the dog is friendly and outgoing, chances are they will be fine during a flight. If the dog is shy and tends to act aggressively, it is important to consult your vet to make sure that the dog is in good health and also to discuss whether flying could pose a health risk to the dog. Another way to know whether or not the dog will be anxious is to find out what happened after the flight. If the dog had a negative experience and became extremely agitated, they will likely become anxious during future flights.

Have a comfort object handy

Some dogs will just need a few minutes to settle down after being put into a crate. Other dogs may need to be able to pick up a favorite toy or blanket. Having the comfort object handy will help the dog feel more secure. 

It can be something that the dog has had since puppyhood or a toy that was recently given to the dog. If you have no idea what the dog’s comfort object might be, try a toy that is soft and comforting. Remember, because the dog’s comfort object is going to be handled by the airline, it should be washable. A dog may also feel more secure if you sit next to the crate with the door open.

Let your dog be used to in confined spaces

The first step is to make your dog accustomed to some small, confined spaces. It is important that your dog was brought up in a comfortable environment. If you have a small apartment, you can use a dog crate to train your dog. If you have a garden, you can consider using a dog playpen. It is better to use a soft bed inside the cage or playpen. These accommodations help your dog to become used to the feeling of being confined in small spaces. It is usually better to start the training when your dog is younger.

If your dog is used to being in small spaces, they are less likely to panic when put in those spaces. So, if you are going to fly with your dog, start by taking it on car rides. Do the same if you are going to be driving.

Make sure your dog gets tired and sleepy before the flight

Dogs get anxious about flying for lots of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they’re not tired enough before the flight. Flying is an exciting experience, so your dog is going to be excited and energetic. A dog who is excited and energetic will undoubtedly be anxious. Your dog’s anxiety will increase if he doesn’t get a lot of exercise and rest before you fly.

Give them a treat to chew on and relax

When you travel with pets, it can be stressful for you and for your pet. A pet with flying anxiety can be extremely difficult to handle. The best thing you can do for a dog who is afraid of flying is to give them something to chew on, like a bone or a toy. Chewing on something will ease the dog’s anxiety and keep them occupied and quiet. For a snack, there is nothing healthier than CBD dog treats for their anxiety. Not only are hemp biscuits a treat for your pup, but they can also calm your dog down and turn the trip into a relaxing one.

Keep them close and comfortable

If you’re flying with a dog for the first time, try and keep them as close as possible. Even if you want to exit the plane with your dog and walk around the airport, your dog might get anxious because they are surrounded by so many new smells. Your dog might feel threatened by all the unfamiliar people and noises, so it’s best to keep them close and comfortable.

People often think that dogs that are anxious about flying need to be left alone in a dog carrier. While this may be true for a few, most will benefit from having some company on the plane. Before the flight, introduce your dog to the carrier and include them in the travel preparations. This will allow your dog to develop a positive association with the carrier and will help to calm them during the flight. Many dogs that are anxious about flying will benefit from having a blanket or toy to help keep them calm. Choosing something that is familiar to your dog helps provide a sense of comfort and security.

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