Identifying Natural Pink Diamonds

The enchanting colour pink is often attributed to kindness, femininity and love.

pink diamonds

It’s easy on the eyes no matter the hue and quite simply evokes a natural sense of warmth. A luminance pink radiates innocence while a more vivid one sparks passion. Wherever your preference is between these two ends of the spectrum, there is no denying that the colour pink brings about a certain type of emotion.

Just when you think it doesn’t get any better, this colour comes in the form of a diamond, and it’s like the best of both worlds.

Pink diamonds are especially lovely once set on a piece of jewellery– just take a look at the different selections from bespoke jewellery shops like Astteria, and you will be sure to find out why it is highly in demand.

Continue reading this article to learn about natural pink diamonds and why they are some of the most coveted types of diamond in their rich history.

Where Are Natural Pink Diamonds From?

Diamonds are created deep beneath the Earth, nurtured by its natural processes and brought about by volcanic activity. They can be found all throughout the world, including South America, Australia, and Africa. Although many distinct shades of diamonds exist, pink is the most desired colour.

Pink diamonds are valued for their distinctive colour and aesthetic appeal. The presence of elements like nitrogen, carbon, and boron is what gives these gems their pink colour.

Diamonds can be numerous colours- red, green, yellow, white and even clear, but pink is by far the most loved and they are known to be from the Argyle Mine in Kimberley, Western Australia.

However, these stunning diamonds are are of limited quantity, thus supporting its high demand since the Argyle Mine closed down back in 2020.

Natural vs Artificial Pink Diamonds

A diamond can either be natural or lab-grown.

The natural ones are a product of the Earth, withdstanding incredible pressure and process and can be referred to as a diamond in the rough in every sense of the word.

Its artificial counterpart, however, comes in the form of laboratory-grown stones. The process is called Chemical Vapor Deposition wherein a diamond seed—typically a fragment of a natural diamond—is placed inside a sealed chamber where it is exposed to carbon-rich gases as well as high temperatures.. With the use of specialized machinery that produces magnetic waves, the gases are subsequently ionized and melted into a liquid plasma producing an uncut diamond.

And while a natural pink diamond is of high demand, artificial ones are just as popular. This is because one can barely tell the difference between them– something the naked eye cannot discern.

Another thing about pink diamonds is that its lab-grown kind is known to not loose its colour even after many years of exposure to natural sunlight, making it a splurge worth every penny and not at all a bad alternative to its natural counterpart.

Pink Diamonds Price Range

A pink diamond is priced depending on several factors. One, of course, is by determining where they came from– either naturally or artificially- as this greatly impacts their price. Natural diamonds are more expensive due to their very limited quantity and goes as high as £540,000.

On the other hand, artificial pink diamonds made in laboratories are slightly less expensive but still have a high value of £380,000.

Other factors such as the 4Cs also contribute on how much a pink diamond is valued. Understanding what each element means can give you a fair sense of how much you should anticipate to pay when buying this colored diamond.

Carat weight, cut, color, and clarity are significant determining variables in pink diamond costs.

Pink diamonds are arguably one of the most sought after coloured diamonds in the market and it is obvious as to why that is the case. They are dainty yet striking and makes for a great ceterpiece in any type of jewellery.

They also make for an amazing personal investment so taking a look at the many pieces available online through specialized jewellery shops like Astteria will surely allow you to find one that is best suited for you.

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