How To Write A Review About A Hotel, Tour, Or Trip You’ve Taken

We bet that when you choose a hotel to stay in, even for a few days, you automatically open the reviews section to make sure the place is sound.

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Online reviews are beneficial for travelers and property owners as well. Tourists get information that helps them in the decision-making process. Owners can understand what they do well and what they have to improve. By writing a good review after your trip or tour, you would support other tourists. If you are not sure whether you can write a good review in English, apply for a professional writing service. Skilled writers would gladly edit or write for you any text from scratch for an affordable price.

If you need some ultimate advice on writing a good review about a hotel or a trip, read the text below.

Summarize clearly

Keep your review informative and laconic. Consider that you are not sharing your impressions but giving facts and arguments. Each point you enclose must be approved. Do not be too dramatic or emotional even if there was something terrible in terms of the trip. When you write a review, you need to stay detached and summarize the essentials. Your review must help people understand if it is worth attending the same trip or staying at the same hotel.

Share useful hacks

Try to give your audience valuable details from your experience. For example, if you experienced excellent service from a particular person, provide his or her name. If you know a great coffee place or restaurant nearby, you can share the name and address, etc. Share the positive experiences as well as the negative ones to be objective.

Add photos you took

By enclosing good quality pictures you made with your smartphone or professional camera, you would make your review sufficiently brighter. Let people understand your points better by highlighting the main peculiarities of the location or experience with good pictures. The general rule for images you select for a review is to keep them detailed. For example, people would not be interested in your selfies; you had better show them the architecture and interiors of the hotel.

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Do not hesitate to review

You should do your best to write the review quickly; at least you can start by recalling all the trip details. Moreover, people are likely to read about someone’s recent experiences rather than about something that happened years ago. Besides, the modern world changes super-fast. And the information you provide about a location or a hotel might be subject to change as well. If you want to make a review valuable and meaningful, we recommend proceeding with writing immediately during the trip by taking notes.

Edit your text

If you want your review to be accurate and valuable, take care of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You would require reading the text at least once and take away repeated words, mistypes, etc. It would help if you used some of the online tools that help with grammar and punctuation proofreading.

We hope this advice is helpful. We wish you good luck!

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