How To Stay Stylish On The Go

Fall fashion essentials for every traveler to stay stylish and fabulous.

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Packing light has never been a specialty of mine. Due to this struggle, I force myself to bring a few of the essentials any time I chase a travel opportunity. Naturally, determining what makes a piece of clothing an “essential” posed another struggle. Selecting clothing and accessories to travel with can be a challenge, so I put together a list of characteristics to help decide which of pieces top the rest.

1. Keep It Warm

Shivering with chills running down your body is probably one of the last things you want while seeing a Wonder of the World or cruising down ancient cobble stone streets.  For this reason, I always carry a warm scarf on an excursion. In California, I rarely see men wearing cashmere around their necks, but in places where cold weather is a reality, scarves are as common as shirts. So pack a warm scarf, which will keep you warm and stylish in any country.

Top picks: Burberry is the ultimate stylish choice while Indian pashminas are the most prized possessions. Anything handmade or knitted from someone you love is always the most special travel accessories.

2. Keep It Light

Packing fewer shoes and shirts not only makes for a lighter bag, but also for an easier time traveling. How do you expect to run from terminal to terminal while carrying a giant jacket? Trust me, I have done that and ended up sitting in between two random strangers on a crowded flight, sweat beading down my face. Thus, pack a warm, but light jacket. I recommend something with a hood also, in case of a random rain shower. With a warm, light jacket at your disposal, all that’s left is your next adventure! So check out arcteryx for some of the most comfortable adventure clothing options!

Top picks: Uniqlo down jackets for the sporty travelers. Zara and J.Crew both carry great options to pull off refined street fashion.

3. Keep It Versatile

From a jacket to pair of shoes, make sure every piece of clothing you pack can be worn on several occasions. My favorite multipurpose wardrobe essential is a pair of black leather boots. I wear them all the time and will buy a new pair when the soles of my current ones wear thin. Owning quite a few pairs of boots, I only pack the black ones because I know they are comfortable and go with almost everything. Do the same for easy packing.

Top pick: Tod’s black boots. European boutiques carry some of the best street styles too.

4. Keep It Sunny

I personally do not go anywhere without a pair of my favorite sunglasses. It may seem like the opposite of packing a scarf and jacket, but hey, the sun can shine without any warmth! Whether you prefer a round or square frame, packing some sunnies will not let you down. They provide eye protection and style, what could be better?

Top pick: Marc Jacobs are perfect for men and women. Vintage and retro choices are timeless as well.

These tips work for my adventures across the States as well as in Spain. Make them work for you as well!

Taylor Dodson

Originally from southern California, Taylor's favorite country to travel to is England. When she visits somewhere new, her experiences have to fill all five senses, she wants to embrace it all.

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