How To Combine Travel With Sports Betting

Sports and traveling have become almost synonymous for hundreds of years.

How to Combine Travel with Sports Betting
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This relationship originates from the entertainment and tourism attached to sports competitions. From the Olympics to more modern competitions like the Tennis Opens, regional and national soccer leagues, and basketball franchises, there’s a different sports culture everywhere you look and go. 

Players and fans now travel thousands of miles to compete in the biggest fiestas or watch their favorite athletes. This cross-border nature of sporting events has encouraged the growth of sports betting while traveling. This ability is due to the growth of European betting sites and their accessibility in several countries. These betting sites allow you to place bets on sporting events in and outside your location, even in your local currency, without stress. 

Fans and spectators can combine their traveling and sports betting desires in one sequence without paying extra fees, visiting those fantastic sites and cities that are home to their favorite sports. Some may even recoup their traveling expenses from sports betting before their trip ends. All you need is your smartphone or laptop, and you’re ready to go.  

The European sports betting market is one of the biggest in the world. This is thanks to a central licensing system and the shared currency. As a result, you can place your bet on select betting sites while traveling across Europe and cash out your winnings easily without delay or need for currency conversion. 

Why is European Betting Sites Popular? 

European betting sites are popular among tourists and travelers for several reasons, which we will consider below. 

  1. Currency: The existence of a common currency across the continent means you can place bets from any of the 27 EU member countries without having to worry about exchange rates or conversions. This helps you maintain the value of your funds since the purchasing power is the same in several countries. 
  2. Language: Most European sportsbooks are available in multiple languages, depending on your location. This solves the problem of being unable to bet on sporting events in a country that doesn’t speak your local language. For instance, a German bettor could place bets in his local language while traveling through Wales. 
  3. Regulations: Gambling regulations in Europe are largely similar. While there may be slight differences in the payment of taxes on gambling wins, the regulators are mostly regional. This means once a regional regulator licenses a sportsbook, it can operate in several European countries concurrently. 
  4. Withdrawal options: The beauty of European sportsbooks is that they offer multiple withdrawal options, recognizing the unity in the diversity of their customers’ locations. So you can place bets with the assurance that the sportsbook will pay out your winnings promptly through reliable and popular options. 
  5. Security and Privacy Protection: European bookmakers are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which sets out minimum requirements that companies handling personal information must put in place. 

These requirements include encrypting information and using effective technical and organizational measures to keep your information safe. Information in this context means your login details, payment options, identity, birth details, and other data collected from you during your betting journey. 

The above reasons are why many international punters trust and rely on European betting sites while traveling. Safety and trustworthiness are critical to the success of any betting site, especially in Europe, where the levels of literacy and organized crimes are high.

Combine Travel with Sports Betting
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Most Popular Betting Sites in Europe

While several betting companies are in the market, some enjoy more patronage and reputability than others. The following are some of the most popular betting sites on the European continent. 

  1. Betway: Betway’s popularity stems from the multiple options available on the website. One is the bet builder option, which allows you to pick multiple outcomes in a single event. For instance, you can bet on a player to score, another to get booked, and total goals over 2.5 on the same match for higher odds. 
  2. 1xbet: 1xBet is an official partner of FC Barcelona and Serie A. The betting platform’s popularity owes to its assortment of betting market and event options. The sportsbook offers casino gaming, baseball, badminton, futsal, e-sports, and other entertaining markets. If leaning political, you can also place bets on who will be the next president of the United States. 
  3. Bet365: Bet365 is one of Europe’s most famous sites. As the name implies, you’ll find the 360-degree betting experience, plus 5 more. The website lists various sports, from ice hockey to horse racing and cricket, ensuring a place for every bettor regardless of their preferred sport.
  4. Bwin: if you’re old enough, you’ve probably seen Bwin across the front of a Real Madrid jersey. Bwin is popular due to its sponsorship of UEFA competitions like the Europa and Europa Conference Leagues. 

These betting platforms allow you to stay plugged in on the fun, regardless of your location. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, and voila. 

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