How To Combine Studying At College & Travelling Around The World?

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Ray Campbell is a world-traveler and content writer who loves working remotely. His trips helped him realize the importance of being independent and pursuing your dreams. Ray is now finishing his first book on solo travel and will soon open up his own tourism business.

Traveling the world is an activity many students dream of but never pursue. Unfortunately, college can be so busy that making time for personal pursuits become a challenge. When endless deadlines and interminable papers are due each week, nobody’s got time for planning out a trip.

Even though college can indeed be pretentious and sometimes quite tough, you should not let it limit your passion for adventure. If you are one of those people whose number-one dream is traveling the world, you can definitely start during college. “’Waiting for the right time’ isn’t ‘right’ at all! There is no right time. There’s the present moment and what you choose to make out of it!” writes Dana Bailey, essay writing service coordinator at Jungle Vibes Essays.

This article is for inspiring people, creators, adventurers, and outside-of-the-box thinkers. Here are some great ways in which you can travel around the world and attend college at the same time.

1. Study abroad.

The most common alternative to study & travel at the same time is applying for study abroad programs. They’re relatively easy to get into and offer you the opportunity to save lots of money on accommodation and food. Your school must have study abroad programs available for students, so visit your International Office to look for opportunities. Some programs last for one semester while others can go on for one full year!

2. Become a research apprentice.

If you are passionate about research, this is definitely something you should look into. Combining your academic interest with your personal passions is an incredible way to get through college. More than that, did you know that research apprentices get paid for the services they offer? So, you’d not only get the experience, but also the money!

3. Make your own FundMyTravel Page.

Some people prefer to travel solo and be independent rather than dependent on their universities. If this is you, take advantage of your Spring/Winter/Summer break and start traveling this wide world! One of the ways in which you could fundraise for your travels is designing your own FundMyTravel page – it’s easy, quick, and it’ll help you tremendously.

4. Become a free essay writer.

There is a wide range of essay writing services out there that can help you make some pocket money while traveling abroad. If you are serious about it, these openings can even help you make a living (andddd…. travel all of your life if you want to!). You can easily become a freelance writer/blog writer/translator/SEO professional/developer/etc. or even provide homework help online. All you must know is where to apply for these jobs. Two of my favorite websites are and Fiverr.

5. Take online classes.

Taking online classes is not for everybody – if you slack off and have a hard time focusing on your work independently, use one of the other options included in this article. If, however, you can keep yourself responsible for your work, do it! Taking online classes means you can study anywhere – Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Dubai, Moscow, Bucharest, Tokyo, Sydney – all you have to do is own a laptop!

6. Major in a career related to traveling.

International studies, management, foreign languages, translation – these are all travel-related career fields. If you’re truly passionate about seeing the world and want to do it for the rest of your life, choose one of these majors (the list goes on!). you’ll be able to move around the country/world every month, or, who knows, if you’re lucky, maybe every week!

7. Become an outdoor club member.

Look up what clubs you have on campus – there must be at least one related to travel. Outdoor clubs usually organize various trips to different countries or even other cool American cities. If you don’t like that, you could join a sports club; athletes travel a lot whether they like it or not to go on tournaments and competitions. You should be able to find the university’s club descriptions on the college website.

8. Pursue an internship in your interest area.

Another good idea to make traveling an easier (and cheaper!) option for you is looking into research internships abroad. There are plenty available almost anywhere since universities will always be interested in creating strong partnerships with foreign colleges and help students immerse in other cultures than their own. You should be able to talk about this with one of your school’s career advisors most likely. Make sure you research as much as possible and find out the best options for you.

College life can be stressful and busy, so make sure you take enough time for yourself and your favorite activities. Do not neglect your emotions! Keep a healthy attitude by allowing yourself to make future plans even when they seem unrealistic. Remember this: everything – and I mean ANYTHING – is possible as long as you truly want it. So, pick your priorities, and design your life exactly as you want to.

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