How To Be Successful In 2019? A Self-Made Woman’s Advice

Think that true success is too far from you?

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Have you deferred the times of being happy and successful because of many reasons? We think 2019 is a good cause to find enough time, will and power to start your life improvements. In such a case we have prepared several pieces of advice on things you probably missed on the way to your dreams. Remember that true success is closer than you think because it is the state of satisfaction with who you are, what you are doing and wearing and with your surroundings. Probably, it’s time to change approaches to reach gain dreams? Here are several ideas:

1. Find What You Want and Manifest It

First of all, find what you really want and manifest it. Manifestation is a really strong tool. But when you manifest, you have to do it with all your inner will to make it come true. It is one of the curtail reasons you have to figure out what your desires. Find out your strong sides and work on them. Make the best of your downsides by improving on them to get positive results. Inculcate the “I can do it mindset” and make the best out of every opportunity that comes your way. Also, have in mind that you have to feel successful to become one. Most importantly, listen to your intuition and let your instincts guide your path.

2. Have a Right Attitude to Money

Talking about comfort, it is good to have enough money. Yet, it is not the most important and final destination, it is an essential one. When you become rich, that gives you enough freedom. Not all the people are ready for that state that is why they are avoiding wealth, even if they think they are doing the opposite. Work on your creeds and have a healthy attitude towards money.  

3. Spiritual Magic: Find Sources of Energy

Be wise about spending your inner energy. Find things and actions that fulfill you and do not make you feel empty. If you want to attain success, it is important to challenge yourself. It can be setting new tasks to achieve or enroll for a course. Do not recline on the few progresses you have made but keep pushing forward to break new grounds. That can be inspiring. But remember that fighting for something is often useless. Miss Pravala, entrepreneur and spiritual coach, thinks that energy of fight is the energy of survival and it makes the process very hard. The main point is that to stand for manifesting over fighting because when we learn to surrender, listen to our intuition and creativity, our wealth energy center located in our sacred chakra always activates. The more in tune we are, the easier it becomes to be led to a life of daily excitement and adventure and the manifestation of whatever it is we feel we are divinely/spiritually entitled to and as of law of attraction, those things will come to us effortlessly.

4. What Image Do You Represent?

True luxury is not what TV shows translate. Hip-hop artists with pockets of money and naked girls behind have established a tasteless and vulgar meaning of what a luxury lifestyle is. Luxury is not frugal spending of money, but an ability to buy expensive things that will serve you for ling and make you look chic and elegant. Yes, such an approach needs money. But remember: the way you look will attract similar things and people. Such an approach has nothing common with senseless spending to make impress other people: it is about your own comfort an image you want to make on people. It is important to feel luxurious and expensive to become a successful woman.

5. Make Time for Yourself

There is no doubt that a healthy lifestyle helps you to actualize your dreams. However, the gym is not the last resort and way to be healthy. Sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise is not the only option. Make out time to meditate on your present state and develop the right mindset that will propel you to the level you anticipate. Also, be grateful because gratitude goes a long way in enhancing your success. While you celebrate the wins and learn from your losses, learn to show kindness. There are many reasons to be grateful. It can be acknowledging gifts with smiles, speaking kindly to others and returning favors. Do not expect an improvement in your emotional, mental, and material experience if you do not learn the art of being grateful. Start by keeping a gratitude journal (where you record your success) and stick to a gratitude meditation practice. When you start manifesting these and with the odds in your favor, you will set the pace for your success. 

6. Invest and Develop Yourself

Willing to be the type of person you always wanted? What have you done in this way? You can’t make drastic changes and lasting results that will bring you to the type of life you want if you don’t invest in yourself and be a person you are comforted with. A University degree is not the height of education. It is important to align with people that have the same goals. Apart from this, make sure your spiritual life and mental state are stable. These will help you pursue your goals with vigor. A good approach: put money “where your mouth is”. A lot of people are wishing to win the lottery, but are they ready for such a turn? But having a lot of money means unpredictable life change that needs efforts and readiness.

Spiritual alignment is over underestimated, however, is really essential and needed for changes. Invest in yourself, your mind and life  – that’s definitely the right road.

7. Success is a Mindset

As a woman, you have all the opportunity to make the best out of life. From boosting your finance to being kind to others, there is no doubt you can attain the height you crave. Success is a mindset and with the right set of attitudes (such as the ones in the list), you will become successful this year and beyond. Stop being a person with a discount mindset and new horizons will be opened to you.

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