How The Internet Allows Us To Travel Virtually

There’s nothing better than planning a trip to an exciting, far-flung destination.

How the Internet Allows Us to Travel Virtually
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Many of us would, given the choice, elect to spend all of our time zipping around the globe, staying in fancy hotels and eating in the world’s finest restaurants. Alas, that’s a lifestyle that’s only available to the rich and famous. The majority of us have to be content with a few short-haul trips here and there and the occasional long-haul adventure.

Thankfully, the internet is here to save us when we need to scratch our travel itch. Not only does the web make it easier than ever to plan our travel journeys, but it also allows us to engage in virtual travel activities that can tide us over until we’re able to hit the road again.

The next time you’re eager to travel but can’t make it to the airport, try one of the following internet-based activities.

Online Collections

Stepping into the world’s most iconic art galleries and museums is high on the bucket list for many people. The problem is that those world-famous institutions are scattered in different corners of the planet, making it less than straightforward to visit them all. Happily, the internet is here to save you. Many of the world’s best museums make their collections available online, so you can get your fill of historic art and artifacts until you can get there in person.

Some well-known museums that offer virtual tours include:

  • The British Museum, London
  • The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
  • National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
  • Guggenheim, New York.

Entertainment Options

People travel, in part, to experience things that they could not historically experience in their own hometowns. If you live in, say, Montreal, then there’s little in the city that could replicate the sights, sounds, and buzz of, say, Las Vegas. But with the internet, everything is possible. There are virtual concerts and performances you can stream, while you can get your fill of games available at Sin City at Wildz. And you can do all of these things without having to get up off your couch. Those looking to really get the Las Vegas experience can consider turning their heating up to 100 degrees on a summer’s day, too.

Travel Virtually
Photo by JULIO NERY on Pexels

Diving into Street View

Part of the fun of traveling is exploring. You never know what’s around the corner when you’re in an unfamiliar location; this quality can make even places that are less exciting than your hometown appear to be much more glamorous than they really are.

With Google Street View, you can take a virtual wander through pretty much any neighborhood in the world. Want to see what it’s like walking down a street in downtown Tokyo? What about the small towns of Albuquerque? Wherever you want to go, Google Street View can take you there. It’s a lot more entertaining than it sounds, and can actually function as a good research tool when you’re trying to figure out where to travel next.

Social Media Channels

Thought social media websites were all about photos of cats and memes? Think again. You’ll find some outstanding travel-related content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. These videos — or reels — are posted both by people who are on a travel adventure and by locals. The travel-based videos showcase what it’s like to be an explorer in the chosen destination. The local videos give the inside scoop on what a destination is really like, which is one of the primary reasons we travel. These types of content go far beyond what you’d get from looking at a photo or reading a description, and they’re all easily accessible online.

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