How The English Language Is Impacting Business Globally

English has become a global language of business, thanks to globalization and westernization.

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Most multinational companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Nokia, and others are mandating English as their common official language. This means that having excellent knowledge and understanding of English is a fundamental skill in today’s world-oriented business. In the past decade, it was projected that approximately one billion people could use the English language to varying extents. Currently, over 1.76 billion people can speak English, and this number is dramatically growing.

If you want to master English, there are many helpful online English courses to help you achieve your dreams. And although learning English can be challenging at first, it gets easier with a qualified Preply English tutor and the right tools. Here are a few ways English is impacting business globally.

Business Intelligence

Good English can help staff to communicate better with colleagues. For any workforce, working in the same office means collaboration and teamwork.  Even if you prefer spending more time alone, you’ll have to interact or consult with colleagues in certain instances. But this will be challenging if you don’t understand the language they speak. Plus, a language barrier can lead to misunderstandings that might result in poor job execution and even put your job at risk.

On the other hand, poor English can hinder managers or business representatives from keeping up with the changing industry trends. It can also prevent them from participating in international trade workshops, seminars, and other critical promotional events, making them miss market opportunities and compromise their reputation.

If you learn English language skills, you can help businesses manage and track operations to ensure everything runs smoothly. Plus, it can help you develop interpersonal skills to help build your network and learn how to hire the right talent for the job.

International Sales and Investment

Multinational companies are always searching for international investment and sales opportunities. Growing beyond local markets needs sales and marketing personnel that can communicate easily with international clients. So if you want to work for a multinational company, learning English is a skill you need. Moreover, mastering the English language can help you travel around the globe for business and even communicate with strangers more effectively.

International projects provide massive opportunities for growth in many sectors. But when it comes to bidding and negotiating larger projects, people with excellent English are needed. You need to send articulated bids to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Encourages Outsourcing of Business Processes

Besides being an effective communication tool, English acts as a bridge for offshoring and outsourcing business tasks. Many multinational businesses have discovered the need for cost reduction measures to maximize their profits and thrive in competitive markets. A great way to achieve this purpose is to outsource or send jobs overseas. By doing so, they can cut costs while providing tremendous job opportunities to growing economies.

In addition, international companies usually offer better wages, benefits, and opportunities to learn new skills. Outsourcing can also open new opportunities for those who can speak English to travel internationally and temporarily work with multinational businesses.

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