How Does Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Benefit Your Health? 

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the least refined and the most beneficial form of CBD extract. Why is it popular, and how does it help human health? Read on to find out. 

How Does Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Benefit Your Health

The Science Behind Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and the Entourage Effect 

CBD is quickly entering the daily lives of Americans as a safe, herbal remedy for many health conditions and a great companion in one’s wellness regimen. It is legal in many states due to its non-intoxicating effect on the human organism, so a variety of consumers aged 18 and above can try it out and see how it works for their health needs. 

However, differentiating between CBD types and products may be hard for beginners, and it is especially hard to determine the right CBD option that matches your specific needs and expectations. Besides, the commonly advertised “entourage effect” of the full-spectrum, non-refined CBD oil may create a false impression that it’s a universal remedy for everyone. Here is a detailed review of this concept and a complete discussion of full-spectrum CBD oil’s properties and side effects to help you choose high-quality products and find your right full-spectrum option, like

Introduction to CBD Types 

Let’s briefly recap in which form CBD can be consumed and what product types are available to consumers in the modern market. You may choose between: 

  • Full-spectrum CBD. This is the topic of our discussion, the least refined form of CBD extract with the richest content of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. It also contains a legal minimum of 0.3% THC to produce the entourage effect of weed and guarantee the wholesome health benefits of CBD products. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. The full-spectrum option suits those who want to experience the rich combined effect of various cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant but don’t want to use even a meager amount of THC. Full-spectrum CBD oils typically contain everything that full-spectrum CBD has but without the THC element. 
  • CBD isolate. The isolate form of CBD is suitable for people not interested in the combined effect of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant and wishing to derive the benefits of CBD only. Thus, this CBD extract is the purest and the most refined, retaining no weed components except cannabidiol. 

What Is the Entourage Effect? 

The term “entourage effect” is often used in CBD product marketing, so people are naturally interested in the nature of that effect and its manifestations in users. In a nutshell, it is the combined effect of all components of the weed extract that results in a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This way, a large number of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids present in weed work together to cause a boost of energy or otherwise potent sedation for the user of CBD.  

The first thing to note is that this effect comes only from consuming full-spectrum CBD extract. You cannot attain this sensation by using broad-spectrum or isolate products, as they don’t contain the key ingredient binding all cannabinoids and terpenes together – a little bit of THC. Therefore, even for people who don’t want to experience the intoxicating high effect of THC, using full-spectrum CBD products is the only way to derive maximum health benefits from the hemp plant’s extract, as the joint effect of all cannabinoids and terpenes (including THC) is much greater than with each element used separately. 

Scientific Explanation for the Entourage Effect 

It’s vital to understand that CBD alone has only a limited health impact on the user’s body, though it’s far from negligible. The weed plant contains over 400 types of compounds, with 100 various cannabinoids and even more terpenes involved in the process of chemical impact on the consumer’s cerebral and physical systems. The first well-researched instance of the entourage effect discussion was published in 2011 by the scientist Ethan B. Russo, who examined the complementary effect of the weed plant’s components and stressed the need for selective breeding of cannabis chemotypes to maximize those health benefits. 

Full-Spectrum CBD FAQs 

The CBD market is relatively new, so it’s unsurprising that many aspiring consumers find the variety of CBD types and their effects confusing. Here is a Q&A section that clarifies the main points about using full-spectrum CBD in your daily treatment and wellness regimen; we explore the topics that trouble people the most and cause hesitations about CBD consumption. 

How can I achieve the entourage effect? 

The entourage effect of CBD is achieved by consuming full-spectrum CBD extract containing all cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant. This way, all major cannabinoids like CBD and THC work in synergy with each other and other ingredients to elevate each other’s health impact and deliver maximum therapeutic value to the user. 

Is it okay to take full-spectrum CBD every day? 

Yes, most CBD products have a cumulative effect on the human organism, so they should be used daily to help you achieve a stable desired outcome. If you’re in chronic pain or stress, arranging a daily CBD routine will help you overcome these unpleasant emotions and enjoy greater emotional stability and well-being. 

How long should I wait for the full-spectrum CBD to take effect? 

If you inhale the full-spectrum CBD product (smoke a joint with full-spectrum CBD or inhale e-liquid from a vaping device), you can expect the entourage effect of CBD in under 15 minutes. The sublingual consumption of CBD also provides such an immediate effect, while edibles and topicals take much longer to start acting in the human body. 

How long does the effect of full-spectrum CBD last? 

It depends on the product you’re consuming. Inhaled CBD products are absorbed much quicker and produce a more tangible effect, but they last not that long. Edibles take longer to start acting, but their impact may last for hours. 

Does full-spectrum CBD cause the feeling of sleepiness? 

The trick with CBD is that it acts as an energizing substance when taken in small doses. However, high CBD doses can ruin that effect and induce a feeling of sleepiness in the user. Some consumers strive for that effect, especially those who experience intense stress, anxiety, depression, or sleep problems. Thus, taking a high dose of CBD can help a user relax and unwind after the pressures of the day, enjoying a good night’s sleep. Monitor your dosing to avoid or, on the contrary, achieve the sleepy effect by using your chosen CBD products. 

Is it safe to consume full-spectrum CBD? 

Yes, full-spectrum CBD is totally safe, just like other CBD forms. Its 0.3% THC content has no chance of getting you intoxicated or high, so you shouldn’t worry about the stoned effect. However, if you drive a car regularly or work in a socially responsible job, you should better refuse full-spectrum CBD products; the trace THC contained in them can be revealed by a drug test and cause you unnecessary problems. 

Does full-spectrum CBD have side effects? 

Just like any other CBD type, full-spectrum CBD can cause side effects in users if it’s overdosed. We recommend tracking your state for negative symptoms like dry or red eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, restlessness, dizziness, or nausea. If you have any of these signs, please discontinue using CBD and consult a medical professional. 

As you might see, full-spectrum CBD is a great option for feeling the full range of weed’s health benefits without getting high. It is the only weed-derived product that has all the elements working in synergy to make you healthier, so it’s an optimal choice for users in many cases. Study the instructions carefully, choose your correct dose, and enjoy the entourage effect of all weed components created by nature for people’s well-being. 

This article is the brainchild of Denys Svirepchuk, an experienced cannabis writer and full-time blogger at AskGrowers. Denys works in close collaboration with many reputable cannabis brands and spreads word of mouth about the health benefits of cannabis. He is always ready to share his best findings for safe, informed CBD use to achieve the intended therapeutic outcomes. 

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