4 Key Accessories For Cold Weather Holiday Travel

For those experiencing colder weather holidays this season, you know that the value of space inside your luggage is even more precious than usual.  

winter packing

While considering the extra layers and outfits you’ll be toting for those family gatherings or holiday parties, not to mention the presents you haven’t chosen yet, fear not! Just read on and don’t forget to pack these key items before you “Jetset” this holiday season. Any of these It List! accessories for cold weather would also make great gifts for the travel-bugs among your family and friends.

1. Foldable Tote Bag

As someone who always either over or under packs, one tip that has served me well is remembering to bring an extra, simple, collapsible bag in my luggage. This comes in handy for gifts you are giving or receiving. It may take up room in your suitcase, but it’s really a space-saving solution that forces you to pack even more conservatively while preparing for luggage overflow.

winter packing

2. Comfortable Socks

If you wear boots when you’re on the go or are traveling to somewhere snowy, taking your shoes off during security checkpoints can be a pain. I recommend wearing knit socks of a weightier gauge (think thick wool socks) or even cotton-synthetic blend hiking socks will keep your feet toasty warm!

3. Infinity Scarf

Keep those wintry winds at bay in a stylish way. My favorite kind of scarf and a great holiday gift for anyone on your list is the infinity scarf (also known as a circle scarf). It knows no bounds in versatility as well as “packability”. You won’t have to worry about your scarf’s loose ends getting caught in doorways or zippers, just loop it twice around your neck to bundle up. If you are a fan of homemade gifts, you can even tote knitting needles onto an airplane in your carry-on baggage (according to TSA policy) and try your hand at this very basic beginner’s knitting project.


4. Hot/Cold Travel Bottle

Staying hydrated and healthy this season will help you make the most of your travels. After all, no one likes fighting a cold while traveling! Minimize space in your carry-on with a two-in-one hot and cold stainless steel bottle or thermos. They’re cost-savvy and reusable, relatively light, and can be emptied before you go through airport security. Some cafes even encourage their customers to bring their own mugs. It will ensure that you’ll have a happy and warm holiday no matter where you are.

Article written by Marina Kaneko.

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