Gambling In Denmark: A Tourist’s Guide

What travellers need to know about gambling in Denmark.

Copenhagen Denmark

Like most European countries at this point, Denmark has created some fairly comprehensive laws regarding gambling as well as a dedicated authority to take care of all related issues. For tourists visiting Denmark hoping to have a good time, it may be interesting to know what kind of options are open, so we decided to investigate and find out what is possible or not in this North European country.

Danish people themselves may also be interested in finding out what gambling possibilities are possible in Copenhagen and other parts of the country as well as online. When it comes to online gambling, our readers can find a thorough overview of the best online roulette sites in Denmark right here.

Live Gambling in Denmark

Denmark is a country that takes a lot of care of all its residents and phenomena such as gambling are researched in much detail. To make sure all people are protected and safe from gambling addiction as well as provided with a fair gambling environment, the country established the Danish Gambling Authority, which is the leading regulator of all gambling activities in the country.

The first part of this body’s authority is related to live gambling, which pertains to live sports betting and casino gaming. The vast majority of Denmark’s live gambling activities are fully covered by Danske Spil, a partially government owned company that runs casinos in Copenhagen and other parts of the country.

The good news for travellers is that they will be able to enjoy some gambling while visiting the country and the entire experience is guaranteed to be very safe and fair as the regulator does a very good job of maintaining fairness. At the same time, Danske Spil is incentivized to provide a fair environment for all players and continue running the virtual monopoly on all gaming activities in Denmark.

Online Gambling in Denmark

When it comes to online gambling in Denmark, things are quite similar. If you intend to gamble over the internet while visiting the country, you are best doing so at Danish Gambling Authority licensed sites that offer a reliable and safe gaming atmosphere at all times.

However, you can still access your domestic gambling sites from Denmark as well and need not worry about encountering any issues when doing so. In fact, even Danish people can still sign up and play with any international bookmakers or casinos that will accept them.

The one thing that stands true in Denmark is that the country is fairly adamant to suppress foreign providers of games of luck in every way. This is mostly because they believe such operators are not able or willing to provide players with fair gameplay or prevention of problem gambling, which holds true in most cases. For this reason, Danish users are best sticking to just over two dozen licensed online gaming operators that exist there.

So Can I Gamble?

If you are planning a trip to Denmark in the coming months and gambling is one of your passions, worry not as you will absolutely be able to enjoy such activities both in a live and online environment. The live casinos and bookies are available in most big cities and are all powered by Danske Spil, which ensures the safety and regularity of all games. In fact, you will probably be hard pressed to find more reliable games anywhere else.

If online gambling is your preference, your options are even more ample. The country’s gaming regulator licenses over two dozen gaming sites for real money gambling, while many international sites can also be accessed and played at. If you are a foreigner in Denmark, you can keep using your local bookmaking or poker site without much issue, while local players are certainly best sticking to locally regulated sites.

For even more information relating to gambling in Denmark, you can always contact the Danish Gambling Authority or Danske Spil and ask them for the particulars. We are certain that most visitors to Denmark who enjoy gambling will enjoy their time as options for playing games of chance are ample and the games are safer than pretty much anywhere else in the world.

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