7 Signs That You And A Friend Can Travel Together

Sounds like a great idea only when the trip is finished, so is your friendship.

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Traveling with a friend always sounds like a great idea only when the trip is finished, so is your friendship. Looking for a travel buddy might seem like easy, but it’s also rocket science. So how do you look for the perfect match? Thank goodness, it’s easier than dating. Here’s how to look for the right signs:

1. You share the same interests.

Whether you’re both athletes, picky eaters or partiers; if you share the same interests in life, you’re probably going to mesh well in awesome and horrible situations. The itinerary that you form together has to please not just yourself but the other person too. So when a person likes to do the same thing that you do, then you’re probably not going to argue about how to explore a city together.

2. You’re both easygoing, if not at least one of you should be.

Meaning that, if one person is super Type A, then the other person should be the easygoing one allowing the Type A person to call the shots. If there are two Type A people working out travel details, that’s probably not going to work out too well. Two easygoing travel buddies are better than two Type A travel buddies, because if you can’t figure out what to do at least you’ll both be happy being wanderlusts.

3. You share the same spending habits.

Traveling can be as budgety as you want, or as luxurious as you desire. The difference between the two approaches can also ignite disputes. How much to spend for a meal, to Uber or to bus your way from the airport, hostel versus hotels…the list goes on. When you encounter someone who spends the way you do, then you’ll probably travel well together.

4. You both eat anything and everything.

Have you ever traveled with a picky eater? I have and it’s no fun! The best part about traveling, for many, is the ability to experiment foods you’ve never tasted. Sometimes it can be gamey or insect-y or plain gross. Meals occur three times a day, when you’re traveling with a picky eater, you’re sure to deal with, “Ewww, that’s SO GROSS” at least three times a day. What kind of travel attitude is that?

5. Your idea of a good time is similar.

For some, it’s partying at a club until 6 a.m., for others it’s chilling at a pub then head back to the hotel before midnight. Let’s not forget, some people don’t like to party at all. When your travel buddy parties the same way you do, or share the same idea of having a good time, there’s no way you’ll fight about leaving someone else behind when one of you is tired and ready to go home.

6. You’re both calm in urgent situations.

This is an important one, because traveling comes with immense unpredictability. If you’re caught in a dire situation, the last person you want to deal with is someone who freaks out. Full throttle. If you’re about to travel with someone who stays sane during a crisis, then you know this person is always in control and can handle any situation.

7. You’re both open-minded.

This one is similar to #4 where judgements don’t really go well with life on-the-go. If you’re someone who keeps an open mind, but you’re about to travel with a narrow-minded person, chances are you’re probably NOT going to enjoy the trip since you don’t share the same perspectives on life and culture.

Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and St. Bart's because they were all so different!

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