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The Caribbean is one of the famous destinations for individuals searching for a tropical getaway, offering turquoise sparkling waters and idyllic beaches.

Caribbean Iconic Destinations
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Even though sand is the main attraction, visitors can enjoy other world-class attractions like delicious cuisine, amazing underwater worlds, rich culture and exciting adventures.

Exploring the Caribbean

Experience unforgettable sunsets, stroll to beautiful waterfalls, participate in authentic Caribbean fare and enjoy gorgeous natural wonders all in the Caribbean. If you are ready to uncover all the goodness that comes from this amazing island, embark on one of the luxurious Caribbean cruises to fulfil your dreams.

Sailing with the top Caribbean cruises allows you explore some of the most iconic scenery in the world. These cruises offer no adventure limits. Whether you want to explore the northern part of Europe and Alaska national parks, stand on beautiful beaches in the Caribbean or soak up the exotic Asian wonders, they have something for you.

Iconic Destinations Caribbean
Iles du Salut. Photo by Flow Flo on Unsplash

The Natural Beauty, Cuisine and History

Bike, relax, hike or climb in some of the most iconic areas of the Caribbean. This part of the world offer a never-ending scenery from the dazzling coral reefs to beautiful mountain peaks. When it comes to landscape, you can take a stroll in the volcanoes, rainforest and white sandy beaches. The Caribbean cruise offers an experience like no other when exploring each island’s personality.

The Caribbean island has picked up many different cultures from different parts of the world, from Danish, French and Portuguese to Dutch, Indigenous Americans, British and African. Because of that, you can visit some of the most beautiful and historic places like the UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, ancient forts and old churchyards.

Experience a culinary journey like never before by discovering the local cuisine. The Caribbean enjoys an all-year-round growing season meaning the ingredients are always fresh and available in plenty. Try different island flavours of curries, guava, coconut, jerk seasoning and papaya. For the main meal, try the amazing seafood prepared by top chefs in the island using variety of recipes. Don’t miss the opportunity to tour coffee farms, distilleries and cocoa farms during your Caribbean cruise to discover the true Caribbean taste.

Don’t Miss Shore Excursions

You can take a break at some of the luxurious private resorts located in destinations like St. Croix, Punta Cana, Barbados or Costa Maya. They offer serene relaxation, pristine beaches and a lot of local beverages and drinks. The Caribbean cruise allows you to connect to the world in ways that bring joy and happiness to your life. Whether you’re exploring remote beaches or sailing from St. Thomas, Granada, you can return to your excursion feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

Port of Call

When you stop during your Caribbean cruise, allow nature to guide your next adventure. The island has more than 30 sun-soaking destinations that will give you the Caribbean vibe and history. This amazing part of the world offers limitless possibilities. For example, explore sparkling turquoise water and pristine beaches in Belize, relax in some of the most beautiful cafes in Antigua and enjoy local Caribbean cuisine in Tortola and French-Caribbean food in Fort-de-France.

In a Nutshell

Whether it is a private experience, unforgettable moments with friends or a customizable group adventures, Caribbean cruises got you covered. While renowned for their sun-kissed shores, Caribbean cruises offer more than just beautiful scenery. They also showcase colourful colonial towns, diverse cuisine and rich cultural experience. Enjoy in-depth knowledge of iconic local landmarks, expertise, extraordinary experience and discover amazing destinations with the best cruise on the planet.

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