Explore Europe By Train: 7-Day Itinerary For Beginners

For your Eurotrip to be as fulfilling and impressive as possible, you should visit and see as much as possible.

Explore Europe by Train | 7-Day Itinerary for Beginners
Brandenburg Gates. Pixabay 

That, however, is only done by having the perfect plan! Where, when, and how? Well, the how of it is pretty obvious – trains are the best transportation choice when you want to explore Europe. But the other parts? Let’s look together. Here is our 7-day itinerary for beginners! 

Days 1-2: Germany and the Czech Republic

While to two might seem incompatible initially, they are a great duo to start your trip with! Indeed, you would want more time to explore the two, but let’s make the best of what we’ve got. 

When you get to Germany, spend some time exploring Berlin and check all the boxes of the most famous and significant attractions there. Yes, it is completely doable in a day! See the gorgeous historical monument of the Brandenburg Gates and the Memorial of the Berlin Wall. We also strongly suggest visiting the imperial building Reichstag, a neo-Baroque establishment that survived all of Germany’s ups and downs through the years and came back even more potent. 

Other than that, check if you have time to visit the park of Tiergarten or Brandenburg Lakes, and if not, spend the time enjoying the country’s aesthetic. 

On the morning of the second day, or the evening of the first, board the Berlin to Prague train and get ready to discover the magnificence of the Czech Republic. Just to keep your trip a bit more focused, we suggest staying in Prague for the whole day. Trust us; there is plenty to see.

Explore the Old Town and Prague’s Castle. Also, take a slow walk along the famous Charle’s Bridge, one of the most important monuments in the Czech Republic. You could also stop by some pub or a local restaurant to try out their cuisine! 

Prague Pixabay
Prague. Pixabay 

Days 3-5: Austria and Hungary

Moving on, let’s see what the capital city of art, music, and culture has to offer! When you reach Vienna, take it easier – two days is enough time to catch the most essential places quite easily. 

Start strongly with the Imperial Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens to learn about the famous Habsburg family rulers, see the chambers of Empress Maria Theresa, and explore the impeccable gardens outside. Then, if you want to know more about the Habsburgs, head to Hofburg Palace, an impressive establishment uniting Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Rococo movements. 

The palaces in Vienna are never-ending, though! Your next stop can be the mighty Belvedere Palace, a masterpiece exhibiting the most stunning collections of sculptures and paintings. 

For your second day here, you could relax at the Vienna Zoo, founded in the 18th century and growing ever since. Once you have had your fill there, tour the historic St. Stephen’s Cathedral – one of the most significant Gothic pieces in Austria and the top religious body. For the main event, plan your way to the Vienna State Opera House. The world’s largest and most splendid theater will be the highlight of your trip. See the intricate architecture of the French Early Renaissance style, the grand staircase, and the Tea Room. 

Travel to Salzburg, if even for the evening! This will give you enough time to relax and walk through their Historic Old Town and also climb up to the Fortress Hohensalzburg, which is only 20 minutes away from the Old Town. 

Vienna State Opera House
Vienna State Opera House. Pixabay

Time for Hungary! If you board the Salzburg to Budapest train, it will take you right where you need to be. Visit its most important monuments and architectural pieces, like the Parliament and the Buda Castle. Actually, explore the whole district. We also suggest staying up late, just to see the buzzing sites when the buildings light up in the most magical way. Their reflection shines up perfectly on the Danube River. 

Hungary’s Parliament building
Hungary’s Parliament building. Pixabay

Days 6-7: Slovakia and Slovenia

After a short train trip from Budapest, Bratislava is second to last on your list! 

Slovakia is a rich and beautiful country, unfortunately often overlooked by tourists. You should start with the most important places, that is Bratislava Historical Center and Bratislava’s Castle. The former is the core of the city, where you will get the most sense of what Slovakia is! Next, explore the Baroque buildings, the Old Town, and the University Library Building, a former government building from the Hungarian Reform Era. 

If you are entirely unfamiliar with their history and art, we suggest purchasing a tour to Slovak National Gallery or the Primate’s Palace. This is plenty for one day! 

Bratislava’s Old Town
Bratislava’s Old Town. Pixabay

Sadly, your trip has to come to an end, but make the most of your last day! Discover the historical beauty of Ljubljana, and ease into it by visiting Prešeren Square, where the whole city meets together to chat, celebrate, and explore the Baroque Church of the Annunciation. 

Cross the famous Triple Bridge and take a stroll through the city until you reach Ljubljana Castle. When you learn more about the city’s history and background, relax at Tivoli Park, with excellent gardens perfected in the 19th century. Apart from the manicured plants, there is the Baroque Cekin Mansion, which houses Contemporary History Museum, and the tropical greenhouse, managed by the city’s Botanical Garden. 

After a relatively calm day in Ljubljana, prepare to pack and go home full of unforgettable memories and experiences! 

Ljubljana, Triple Bridge
Ljubljana, Triple Bridge. Pixabay

While this is quite a fully-packed itinerary, we are sure that it is plenty doable, even if you are visiting Europe for the first time! The trains are comfortable and will quickly get you to your destination. Just remember to pack as lightly as you can. You will spend a lot of time on the railway, and a little time in the hotel, so be smart about packing. Other than that, simply enjoy your Eurotrip! 

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