Enjoying Travel To Philippines: How Do I Get To Baguio?

Need help getting from Manila to Baguio? We got you covered!

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There’s no doubt why Baguio is one of the most traveled destinations in the Philippines. Maybe it’s because of Baguio’s natural wonder, unique elevated landscape, breathtaking views, distinct Kabuto culture and a cool climate that sets it apart from other beach and island destinations.

But don’t worry, there are numerous ways to travel from Manila to Baguio for travelers of all budgets and time constraints. Here’s a quick guide on how to commute to Baguio and various travel options to help you reach Baguio within hours.

1. Manila To Baguio Via Bus

Since Baguio is becoming a major location and the fact that buses travel from Manila, traveling to the city is quite convenient, inexpensive and the routes are very safe to travel on.

Most buses from Baguio depart in 24-hour intervals, while others run at almost every hour. For the best results, check out the bus company’s website or call the bus station to receive an updated schedule. Additionally, feel free to enter the bus terminals at any time, as incoming buses are frequently available and you’ll always have a bus waiting for you.

Keep in mind that the night bus takes around 4-6 hours to arrive at Baguio, whereas the bus that departs during the day takes around 5-6 hours to arrive. We recommend taking the night bus as there are fewer stops in between. Expect to pay around USD$8.50 (PHP₱450) for regular fare and around USD$13-$15 (PHP₱700-800) for special seating.

2. Travel By Private Transportation

Traveling to Baguio by car or other forms of private transportation can be convenient and much faster given that you can go at your own pace and not have to stop at multiple rest stations. However, it can be more expensive than taking the bus if you have no one to split the gas fees with or if you’re not carpooling, for instance.

If you want to drive in the countryside and want to stop at scenic spots before entering Baguio, then arriving by private car is an excellent option. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a car and would like to rent one, try using Expedia, which allows users to rent from car inventories.

If you’re traveling to Baguio from Manila, here are the driving directions you’ll need to know.

  1. Once you arrive at Manila, drive to the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway). Drive until you reach Exit 85 to reach SCTEX.
  2. Take the SCTEX to Baguio.
  3. Exit at Tarlac, then follow the road signs that lead to MacArthur Highway.
  4. On MacArthur Highway, drive straight until you reach the Rosario, La Union. Here you have two options:
    • Drive past Rosario junction and take Marcos Highway until you reach Baguio.
    • Drive to Kennon Road and drive straight to Baguio city. Kennon Road is the fastest route to the city, and it’s known for its scenic views.

Traveling from Manila to Baguio is a fun experience, whether by bus or private transport. Not only do you get to see a different side of the Philippines, but you’ll have multiple ways to get there. Either way you get there, Baguio is a beautiful city that’s definitely worth a visit!

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